Sunday, October 22, 2006

I was just browsing Consumer Report's ShopSmart, a quick and easy quarterly guide to shopping. Credit cards are turning into a nightmare, IMO. If you are one of the fortunate ones who can pay off your card every month, the deadline for doing so has shrunk...down to 20 days in some cases. You have to read the fine print in every one of those annoying mailings to be aware of interest hikes and deadline changes. Late payment fees are as high as $39 now. So what is convenient about having a credit card now? Even online payments might not be credited for 3 days. I think the credit card companies (banks) have become so greedy that they are going to crash. No one will be able to afford them.

Oh, an article on Scooba, the robotic floor cleaner. The $14 mop and bucket beat it out, hands down. Save your money.

I posted all the previous stuff yesterday but didn't come back to finish it ....I was too busy working on this bag. It turned out nicely. I love it. My sister commented that it would hold a bar of soap perfectly. I carted it off to Charlotte today who is setting up a display from my lace guild at the West Lafayette Library this weekend for the month of November. My elephant and garden doily will be there...had to borrow them back from my daughter and sister. I can't find the baby bonnet I have tatted.

Today I got an Old Time Crochet that I won on Ebay. It mentioned some tatting patterns and the cover didn't look like any I have. There are quite a few in there and I'm working on a drawstring bag from it now. In bright yellow. I wanted to work in color after working with ecru for so long but the yellow almost seems gaudy now. I'll have to find a way to soften it. I managed to bridge out of the first few rounds with split rings and chains but I finally had to end off and start the next round independently. The author never says to I ended up retrotatting a section because the ring was going the wrong way, I think. I stopped because it's not clear where things are to join. I need to read it again when it's not so late.

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  1. This bag is vintage lovely! Your tatting is beautiful.


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