Sunday, February 24, 2008

Special Notice - Anniversary Celebration All Year Long!!!

As I posted earlier, I celebrated five years of blogging about tatting on February 13, 2008. I wanted to do something special but I was crunched for time in a lot of ways. I wanted to create a slide show highlighting those years and couldn’t find my 2006 photo disk at the time. I found it today but it will take hours to put it together so don’t hold your breath – it will show up eventually.

I’ve met and interacted with so many people over the years. I feel bad sometimes because I don’t remember names like I used to. I see at least 500-600 people on campus, one-on-one, each year and I can’t remember their names either. I have a good memory, but not as good as it used to be. At one time, I could have told you what you were wearing when I met you, what was going on in your life if you told me, and what the weather was like. I just can’t do that anymore…and frankly, it’s not important. It’s not that I completely forget you; I just forget your name. Remind me with a few clues and it all comes back.

The slideshow isn’t the only thing I wanted to do. That’s more for me, to remind me of everything I’ve tatted because the majority of it is gone now, and like names, I forget them. I also wanted to recognize all the people who have helped me become the tatter that I am today. I’ve said it many times – I’m not sure I would have pursued tatting beyond simple edgings and bookmarks if it hadn’t been for the internet. Seeing the potential of tatting and meeting so many creative and talented people was a significant milestone in my creative life. It is my intention to focus on at least one of those influential people each month for the next year.

The other thing I want to do is recognize and appreciate each of you. How can I do that? I don’t know of any way to reach each and every single one of you but I do want to offer the opportunity for me to share with you individually. So each month until the next anniversary, I will also have a drawing and one person will receive some kind of goodie bag from me. The drawing will be on the 13th of each month. To enter the drawing, simply email me at Put “monthly Tatting Goddess drawing” in the subject line. This is open to anyone who tats anywhere in the world. It would be helpful to me if you could add a few tidbits about yourself, your mailing address of course - or you can wait and see if you’re the one drawn before giving me your address, what you like to tat, your favorite colors, threads, patterns – anything you want to tell me about yourself.

I am SO looking forward to making something for the winner each month! So don’t be shy – sign up every month! Unless you win….that would just be greedy to be the winner every other month. LOL! I’ll post a reminder now and then and I’ll also announce the winner each month.

:-) Gina
Nata #67


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