Wednesday, February 13, 2008


My very first post! Tatting - that delicate wispy threading of air pockets that makes an enduring lace. It's become an obession with me - more than crocheting was, more than quilting, more than even painting - only because it was more portable.

When I started a blog, the freebie version didn't offer much. I was initially inspired to start blogging after reading my friend Tim's blog. Tim now has his own website but he had been writing in a blog for a year or so when I met him. We helped each other out learning how to use photos - finding a free server to host the photos and upload from there. He taught me how to do the html for links. On March 11,2003, I was still struggling but managed to upload a scan of the alligator I tatted and a paisley heart that I tatted for an exchange. I didn't have a scanner and had to go to my sister's house and use hers, save it on a disk, and then come home and upload it to the online server location. If you were to read from the beginning of this blog, you would see how I learned step by step. Many of my photos are missing now because I no longer use the free online server. Much has changed over the years.

Google bought Blogger and suddenly, what I'd been paying for became free. They added automatic html and editing capabilities. They made adding graphics easy. OH how easy it is now!

I thought I could get a slideshow made highlighting the past five years but it's after 9:00 p.m. and I have 2 more years to it will wait.

Can you believe no pics at all?????? Just like the first entry.

But I have to tell you....I've loved every minute of this blog and every person I've met through tatting and every book and every thread and every bead and every shuttle and every pattern. The slide show will be great and worth waiting for.

Happy Tatting!


  1. Congrats Gina!!!! What a mile marker!
    You are an inspiration!
    Can't wait for the slideshow!


  2. Congratulations, Gina! I knew you had been blogging for a while, but I didn't realize it was 5 years! Sherry's right... you are an inspiration!

  3. Congratulations Gina, we love every minute of it too!

  4. I've been watching your blog... not taking the time to say how fun it is! Enjoyed your first post... and so many others! :)


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