Thursday, February 13, 2003

Tatting - that delicate wispy threading of air pockets that makes an enduring lace. It's become an obession with me - more than crocheting was, more than quilting, more than even painting - only because it was more portable.

I hope to do a little more with this site. I've not seen any other tatting blogs.........and the working process is as fun as the end result. There are wonderful tatters that I communicate with and share ideas and experiences. We talk designs - others and those coming into our heads. I want to show some of that process - share some of the tips, the pleasures and the frustrations.

Right now I'm tatting something for a grandson. It started out as an alligator to put in his birthday card and then my youngest son flatly said: "He'll lose it". Aaaaackkk - 2 or 3 hours down the drain.....maybe literally. Humph! Well, I have these see through acrylic rulers that I bought for the specific purpose of inserting my tatting and giving as gifts - mostly to the grandkids - but never got around to it in time for Christmas. So........the alligator is now in the ruler and I'm making a little patch of grass and reeds with 2 little ducks to go with it. Next is a little turtle..........and maybe a frog........and a fish... This is how little projects turn into big ones!

I'm also working on fans for my lace group's Lace Day coming up in April. I've got a couple done but there is one in particular I want to make in silk thread .............very pretty. I haven't started. Just picked up some silk thread last night. Hobby Lobby had silk floss on sale for $.88 and rayon embroidery thread for $.31/skein.

And here is my other big huge project. I want to tat Pam Palmer's elephant for my daughter who has a thing about elephants. I have no clue why, but she does. Her birthday is in March. I want to use the rayon thread because it is so bright and shiny....... and slick as SNOT as Hopie pointed out to me (like I didn't already know). But it will be soooooo pretty! This is like a circus elephant with the blanket and head dress. I'll add beads and gold and silver blending filament too! So.......separating embroidery floss is NOT fun. Hopie passed on a tip about using a piece of velcro, the loopy side, and running the strands through that to easily separate them. I'm going to try it. Will let you know what happens!

I've also got 3 thank you bookmarks to make and a birthday RR to tat for, my granddaughter's birthday in March too, besides her mother, and a couple of "thinking of you" somethings to tat. I also need to rework a section on a baby bonnet. More on that another day.

While I was looking for "boy" critter patterns to tat last night, I came across the reindeer ornament I had started to design before Christmas and got sidetracked. It will be the end of April or beginning of May before I get back to it. Maybe in time for the next Christmas.

Once I learn how to navigate this blog, I'll have links to the heart and butterfly I've designed so far. Well, actually, you can get to the butterfly here

I have a few angels too, but they aren't written up yet.


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