Friday, February 28, 2003

Wow - last day of February. I have 10 days to tat my daughter's elephant. In slick bright rayon floss!

I've been playing - creating pretty little butterflies that I'll have to post some other time.

I was going to bid on two shuttles last night late and got sidetracked. :-) I really liked them too. Oh well. There will be others.

Well, the butterfly I tatted last night was done in two different threads that were both size 50. However, one was Oren Bayan and one was Altin Basak. The Altin Basak thread was much thinner than the Oren Bayan.................which is what pisses me off about so-called standard sizes! I wonder sometimes if that is why one tatter's motif is so different from another's? It's not just the tension, but the thread. I find most tatters who say they tat tightly don't tat as tightly as they think. If it were that tight - their work would pull - you can only tat so tight before it becomes distorted. Some people snug their stitches up closer than others. I do even in the same project.

I can't edit my broken graphic. I've asked why the graphics show up broken, but still no answer. :-( Oh..........I bet I have to go to the website! LOL!


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