Saturday, February 22, 2003

Taking a break from tatting, which I'll get into shortly. Earlier this evening I headed to my daughter's to help celebrate a grandson's birthday - age 9 instead of 10 - I could have sworn he was going to be 10! But Katie will turn 10 next week so there is a 10 year old somewhere! The rain had turned to snow early on but the temperatures were still hovering right around freezing so it was mostly slush on the roads, but slick too. I stayed for a little over an hour, not wanting to push my luck too much with the weather. My son went on to friends but said he's probably coming home, even though I hinted he should stay in town. Don't know why a 21-year-old wants to come home, but maybe he doesn't trust me being home alone. I might party and drink up all his booze!

I'm having a bit of angst from this tatted heart. I started the side part again, watching for the extra picot this time, and then forgot that one side of the split ring had 2 picots and the other side only had 1, so I had to retro-tat 2 rings and redo them. Everything went pretty well from then on and I just finished that half - only to realize there are 3 josephine knots on the top arch of each half and the photo and diagram only show 2 JK. Dammit!!! I go back and read the directions which say to repeat * to * twice more........which means a total of 3 times, but it's only supposed to be 2 JK total. So now I have to find a way to compensate for the added distance between two joining rings at the top. I think I'll just do 1 or 2 little split rings to bridge the gap, but it pisses me off because there is nothing else to do except start over. I think it will look alright, but I won't know until it is finished.......grump, grump......... It is very pretty so far though. Maybe I will learn something about photos by the time I get it done and be able to put it on here! LOL!

My grandson liked the ruler with the alligator and stuff. My son-in-law liked it even more! My daughter hinted he would like a tatted rosary after I made the ones for my I should keep that in mind for his birthday in October. I get picky about the beads for those.......and I would like a crisper thread than what I used before. I got some really nice thread on a vintage shuttle once - which I've not been able to find anywhere quite the same, regardless of how high quality the thread is.

I think I'm going to change the text color to black - I found out how to do it but it will wait until tomorrow. sister canceled out of the birthday party due to the weather so I didn't get to give her the bookmark yet. I've also enclosed a paper with several tearooms in Indiana listed on it. We adore tea rooms. She gets to pick and I'll treat for the travel and tea.

Well, now to tackle the other side of the heart.


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