Tuesday, February 18, 2003

This page always makes me think of chocolate and every tatter knows tatting and chocolate go hand in hand. Well, not at the same time or you would have chocolate stained lace.

I finished the round of the motif on the elephant blanket. Lotsa beads and silky shiny thread! On to another color- a lovely teal -but first I have to finish my sister's bookmark. :-( I did start another heart last night and finished it today. I might get by with only 2 more hearts, but I have homework to do tonight. Maybe I can sneak the homework in this afternoon.

There is sand all over my office floor which means they didn't sweep it last night. It is tracked in with my boots, among others, from the surfaces being covered outside the doors - which helps us keep from falling on our keisters. Larry, the building deputy was so busy sweeping it out the door yesterday that he practically swept me out the door too. He is obsessed with it not getting inside the back dock area. I hurried away because he is one of those people who talks non-stopwithouttakingabreath once they nab you.

I've decided I could make a couple of versions of the elephant blanket before I actually tat the elephant onto it. That way I can see what I like best before it's all done. I hadn't planned on using the yellow floss, only the gold, but the purple and magenta did not look so appealing when I held them together so I decided to put it elsehwhere, so that meant I had to improvise. The beads looked perfect on it though.

Also saw another great catch of a shuttle on ebay. Not telling about it til it's over.


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