Saturday, April 26, 2008

Challenge for Altered Art

Several months ago I was reading in a quilting blog where they took a piece of art and interpreted it with quilting. I thought to myself, " What a fun idea!" Only instead of quilting, we could interpret the art in tatting. I wish I had the link..and I may have, buried somewhere. The idea is to alter the original idea in whatever way you need to in the media of your choice. So I was on the lookout when I went to second-hand stores....what would lend itself to tatting?

This is the picture I ended up with but it's almost too easy. Lots and lots of flowers! But I still want to try it. I'd rather start with something that seems easy and then move on to something more challenging than to try something I'll give up in before it's done.

Anyone who wants to give it a go with their own choice of artwork is welcome to join in. I'd love to hear about your experience!

There's nothing saying you can ONLY use tatting. I would think a variety or collage of needlecrafts might be very appealing.

(this is one of 3 posts I had in drafts and forgot about since I was so busy and didn't take the time to look!)


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