Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The orange flower matches the orange in the fabric better than the purple. I have lots of purple thread but none that really matched.
I'm also crocheting the cord in the Romanian Point Lace braid style. It's hard to figure out how long to make it. The pouch is small enough to be worn around my neck but I'd like to be able to loop it through a belt loop too.

My package arrived from the Spring Random Re-gift Swap over at Just Be Connected, a network of creative crafting bloggers. Dyan, my partner in this exchange, has a store FlowerChilde Garden, which features aromatic healing mists and crystal essences. Yes, I got one and it's a lovely scent! Dyan is also an Angel Therapy Practitioner and writer of children's books, living in Jamaica. I love everything in the package!

I love the idea so much of a re-gifting exchange that I'm thinking of arranging one on my Tatting Goddess yahoo group. The idea is to regift something you already own. You cannot purchase anything. Even if it is something you make, it has to be from what you already have. The only cost involved is in shipping. In this case, it was between here and Jamaica...which is more than domestic mailings, but since it's all a "re-gift", it's not too painful. LOL!

So...today is INTERNATIONAL TATTING DAY!!!!! That means you have to take time out to tat and eat chocolate and blissfully enjoy the day. It's also April 1st. Nope, no April Fool's Day tricks here...but I do have a tease. Here is the mystery motif for April. See if you can follow the text instructions correctly. No photo will be revealed until April 15th, a nice diversion from tax day, if I do say so.
April Mystery Medallions

1. A ring of 1 double knot, (picot, 2 double knots) 7 times, picot, 1 double knot, close, tie & cut thread.
2. A ring of (2 double knots, picot) twice, 4 double knots, a long picot (about one fourth inch), 4 double knots, (picot, 2 double knots) twice, close.
3. A chain of 3 double knots, (picot, 3 double knots) 5 times;
4. (A ring, joining by 2d picot to 4th picot of preceding ring, and by 3d picot to the long picot of 1st ring;
5. A chain, as before) twice, joining last chain to same long picot of 1st ring; * a chain of 5 double knots, join to a picot of center ring, 5 double knots, picot, 5 double knots, a joining by 3d and 4th picots to 2d and 3d picots of last chain of last corner, long picot, then a chain as before;
6. A ring joining to last long picot
7. (A chain, a ring joining by 2d picot to preceding ring, and by middle picot to same long picot) twice, joining last chain to same long picot.
8. Repeat from *, missing 1 picot of center ring between the joinings and ending with the long chain (joined to center ring), joining this to long picot of 1st ring made, then a chain of 5 picots, 3 double knots between, joined at base of 1st ring.

This completes the square medallion. Join 6 of these in a row by picots of 2 consecutive chains (2d and 3d chains) of one corner, leaving 4 free picots on the inside of the space between medallions.

For the Round medallion:
1. A ring of 5 double knots, (picot, 5 double knots) 3 times, close;
2. A 2d, 3d, and 4th ring the same, joining each to preceding by side picots, and last also to 1st and drawing together closely at the base, forming a four-leaf clover. Fasten off securely.
3. Fasten thread in the picot which joins 2 rings, make a chain of 6 double knots, picot, (5 double knots, picot) twice, 4 double knots, join to middle picot of ring.
4. Chain of 4 double knots, picot, (5 double knots, picot) twice, 6 double knots, join to picot connecting next 2 rings;
5. Repeat, joining the last chain where 1st started and fasten off.

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  1. WOW! What a lovely Spring Random Re-gift package, and all the way from Jamaica. That's pretty special.


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