Friday, April 11, 2008

Hector Goodies!


There were so many "gifts" that it is hard to know where to begin, so I just started uploading photos and I'll describe them as they show up. Sue was going to bring me a pillow but the size of it coupled with new luggage restrictions eliminated that possibility - so she brought me some embroidered napkins and bobbins instead! She also passed on some bobbinlace instructions that I didn't photograph, but I'll hopefully get to try them at some point.

Shirley P. also known as "Angel at Large", a dear soul I've seen so many times at these events, gave me wrapped package that I was very surprised to receive. Shirley is so generous and often drops off little goodies here and there through her day. The photo in this bag is from Hector Falls, the place I stayed the first time I came to this event. The other gals have often stayed there again in succeeding events but I've found places a little more within my budget - still, it's my FIRST Hector memory and special for that reason. The candy was deposited in a community jar at work. I gained a few pounds between not exercising and Hector meals so I decided to pass those on.

It's a tradition to receive a goodie bag when you go to a tatting event. I loved the plain black silk (?) drawstring bag - very Victorian to me. There is a small hemostat and snacks to keep our energy up, a couple of spools of thread, a 10 year Hector anniversary pin, a LOVE pin,some beads, a sweet knitted mitten, a baggie with thread and beads, AND next year's challenge - a BIG BALL of thread that we are challenged to use up by Hector next year.

Any time I've taught at these events, I've been surprised to get a teacher's gift too. I don't expect them..but they sure are the frosting on the cake! This tin has a gorgeous magnifying glass, a woven bag which I put the included Clover shuttle in, some charms that included the initial "G", and what I believe is a bar of handmade soap. A little container of handmade cream is missing from this photo. I had taken it out of the bag and set it in my car between Saturday and Sunday. It was VERY warm on Sunday...and when I got back to the car, it was liquid! It did solidify again but was about half the original size and a brownish color instead of creamy white so I had a feeling it had also cooked a bit. I debated but finally tossed it.

Connie Angeline contacted me before Hector to ask permission to use a photo from my blog to make some postage stamps to put in a wonderful container of items for the silent auction. I think I might have a photo of the box that I'll put in a slide show. She gave me a sheet of the stamps as a thank-you. I think I'd heard somewhere that you can design your own postage stamps but have never seen it done. I feel like I'm part of American history!

I got the cord crocheted for my bag before I left and was quite pleased with it. This is the front.

And this is the back. I stitched the cord from the inside of the pouch and used buttons as embellishment and a way to secure the cord all the way through the pouch.

I printed this vintage pattern out when the link was posted by Shay from Little Grey Bungalow and just now got around to making it. It has a few mistakes but is really very easy. It is one center ring and the rest is chain work. I saw that Wally used 2 colors on her version and I found that very appealing but I was just using some thread I had on a floss holder. I also stopped and started so many times, before I left for Hector and then actually finishing on my way home so the tension is as wobbly as I was at the end. LOL!

Now when you get, you should also give. That's how we keep the positive flow of goodwill energy going. I'm on a few crochet lists too and heard of a teenager who is having a rough time right now. We were invited to provide some sunshine for her. I suspect she will get a lot of crocheted goodies so I've decided to go with tatting instead. This is a swan bookmark from Dianna Stevens' animal bookmark book. I also have the cockeral in progress and will make a few more to send all at once. You can never have too many bookmarks!


  1. Enjoyed that little trip to Hector so much, thanks for showing your goodies.

  2. It looks like you had loads of fun! Thanks for sharing pictures!

  3. What a bunch of lovely goodies. How fun!


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