Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Wish You'd Been There!

Hecter 2008

Back from Hector! Do I have any projects to show? No-o-o-o-o but I have "starts". LOL! I'll get to that later.

Right before I left, I had an email from Jolande, the March winner of the Blog Anniversary drawing. Jolande lives in the Netherlands. I tried to hurry what I made for her since it was going to go so far, but she got it in less than a week! I didn't photograph everything - only the tatted stuff. The tea towel is so Spring-looking and we're all ready for Spring, right? Especially since Winter seems to have lingered far longer than usual. The butterfly edging is one of Mary Konior's patterns that I especially love.

The other item is a tatted brooch. I learned from Sue Hanson how to tat around old jewelry pieces. This used to be a clip earring. The challenge was the triangular shape but I played around with it and came up with something that more or less followed the shape. It really was fun to do!

Next Sunday I'll draw the April winner!

Okay, back to Hector! The drive there was long and dreary with rain, fog or overcast skies all the way. I stayed at a Super8 Hotel in Bath, NY, about 35 miles from the location of the event. I have to say it's my favorite one so far. It was only $50/night. It was clean and in a good location, with lots of other businesses around that I would have loved to visit if I'd had an extra day or so. On the way there, I noticed my parking lights would not go off. I turned my headlights on and off repeatedly, like the parking lights were somehow stuck. I checked the owner's manual. I couldn't find a specific reference to parking lights, only "lights". I asked the attendant at the nearby gas station if he knew of a reason why they weren't going off and the only thing he could think of was a short. I called my son who works at the SIA factory but had to leave a message. I told the clerk at the hotel about the lights because I figured someone would report them being on. Her boyfriend was also there and said I'd probably have a dead battery (also a concern of mine) in the morning...and then suggested I take the fuse out. He very kindly went out with me and found the fuse and showed me how to remove it. So then I called my son back and left another message telling him I'd taken the fuse out and that would take care of it until I returned home. Well.....for the next three days it was a morning and evening ritual to remove and replace the fuse every time I left it or drove it for long periods of time. Yesterday, on my way back, I happened to notice a band of red on what appeared to be a button on the steering column. When I craned my neck up over the steering wheel, I could see the button had a icon that looked like a light. Hmmmm....surely that wouldn't be the parkiing lights right there in the middle of the steering column? So I pushed the button and the red band went away. Then next time I stopped the car and got out, sure enough, the parking lights were off. I was feeling pretty dumb at this point but when I checked the owner's manual again, there is no mention of "parking lights" in the text and the close-up photo of all the controls on the dashboard did not show THAT button. Furthermore, two men didn't have a clue....so why should I feel dumb? It's a DUMB place to put the button for the parking lights!!! Every car I've ever owned had the parking lights included with the regular lights. So if you happen to have a Subaru...keep that in mind.

I bought 3 books and 3 balls of thread. I know that doesn't sound like much but I already have an extensive collection of both. I'm amazed I found that much to buy!

On Saturday, I taught the biscornu pincushion for the first two classes and then took Rita Cochrane's class which was a little pin that looks like a basket and then flowers pop up in the basket. Very Clever! I have to do the start of the basket over. Don't expect to see it anytime soon but it is COOL!

On Sunday, I had Martha Ess's class which featured tatting made to resemble crewel embroidery. I only got the center latticework done on that. Might be awhile before you see that one too. After that, I started Karey's baby dragon. All three of these projects are very time-consuming. Don't hold your breath waiting on me. LOL!

Sue Hanson brought Mary Konior's lace which was an absolute delight to get to see. I didn't take photos but I know Sherry Townsend did. They are the same pieces in Mary's books so I didn't feel a need to take photos but now I wish I had.

There were some familiar faces from the Palmetto Guild, as well as the Fringe Element Tatters guild. Someone mentioned there were about the same number of attendees as the year before but I thought the place was packed. You can tell by the video that the place was full and LOUD. Georgia was unable to come this time but Ruth Perry filled in for her.

I have tons of photos to edit and put into a slide show. I have lots of stuff to scan. I just don't have time to do it all right now so consider this a sneak preview. See how many people you can recognize in the video!


  1. I'm so glad you had a good time and a nice, clean motel. Sorry about the parking light problem. I have never heard of putting them there. I can't watch the video right now as I'm trying to get Isaac to take a nap. I'll catch it later.
    Glad you made it home safely.

  2. Look at all the tatters all in the same room, how fun. That's like the Lace Day in Torrance, CA. What a pain with parking light problem.
    BTW, that purple tea towel is sooooo cute! I just love clover leaf edgings because they are so easy and yet can look so elegant or so cute depending on how you do them. Jolande is so lucky! So, what is this Blog Anniversary Drawing and how is someone lucky enough to get in on it?

  3. Hi Tattingchic!
    Blog anniversary...in February, I celebrated the 5th year of my tatting blog so as my gift back to the tatting community, every month on the 13th for the next year, I will draw a name from the kitty and the winner will get a surprise from me. You only have to enter once. Email me at ginab6 at yahoo dot com and put "monthly drawing" in the subject line. I'll respond so you know I got it and that's all there is to it! Good Luck!
    :-) Gina

  4. Gina, I did something similar with my toyota truck...I won't bore you with details, but I felt pretty foolish when I learned that there was never anything wrong in the first place.

    Hector looks like it was a lot of fun!


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