Saturday, February 20, 2010

It was a busy week and it flew by! Monday night my son was stuck sideways in front of my garage and Tuesday night the furnace was out, requiring a repairman visit and then HE got stuck in the very same way. I was able to help my son get out but the repairman had to call a tow truck. I really need to send an appreciative note to that company. Wednesday night I recovered. Thursday night I sorted through more of the Christmas decorations before they are stored away. (still going on) Next thing I we are, Saturday!

I haven't been tatting much. but I worked on a project a bit both Thursday night and last night. This is all I'll show for now. It's a motif from Patti Duff's Mini Tats, which I'm beginning to consider a tatting classic. It's been tatted in size 40, 70 and 80. I keep thinking it might look better if I do it with 5 petals instead of 6. Hopefully you'll see the comparison tomorrow.

I stumbled across this thrift find last night that I'd forgotten about. I got it in Greenfield at the end of January for 75 cents! It's a bell, obviously with some age on it.

But look! It's not just a bell! It's a music box! Tucked inside like that, it's difficult to wind up much but it does play. It's a common music box tune but I can't remember the name. In my search to jog my memory, I found The Music House, which makes music boxes to order and repairs them. They have several tune samples to listen to but I didn't find this one. I've heard it in a lot of movies. sigh...

Here's another view of the "clapper". I was also playing with "macro" on my camera and zoomed in too.

Another macro test...see the glitter on the bell??

I can't figure out what it is made of. There is not a single identifying mark on it. I was wondering if it was cardboard heavily varnished. You can see a bit of paper peeled back here. It IS solid under the paper but very thin. I can't tell if it is glass or metal or...eggshell. I'm tempted to think it is a goose egg but don't know how to tell.

It was damaged which is probably why I got it so cheap. See how part of this piece is broken off? I think that is the letter "R" and it looks handwritten so I'm really wondering if this is not handmade?

I did find a few goose egg bells on This link is an exhibition but check out the goose egg galleries 1-6. You can follow directions to make your own egg bell at the site. They list several musical movements too, both the press on kind and the wind up kind so now I'm convinced this truly is an egg and handmade. Extravaganza is in the UK. I didn't find any other images on my google search.

If this one is not extremely valuable, I might try to remove the bottom circles where the one piece is broken. Don't you think it would look even more delicate with tiny tatted rings where the gold braid is? Just an idea........


  1. Pretty bell! Before I read your post to see what it actually was I thought it was a small lamp shade.

    I have to agree with you about Mini Tats. It is a tatting classic. Don't know if I read it correctly, but I thought I read on one of the Yahoo lists that she doesn't want to be bothered printing anymore so whatever is out there is all there will ever be.

  2. Great thrift find! My first thought was might it be made from an ostrich egg? Don't know the size difference between ostrich and goose eggs...

    Like Steph, I read on one of the Yahoo tatting lists that the author doesn't want to print it anymore. So it must be a goodie, eh? (Murphy's Law would any rate.)

    Hey, I rhymed. That's a penny shuttle's worth, isn't it? *grins*

  3. You're life is too crazy for me! Hope that driveway gets less slippery!

    Such an interesting post! That was a lot of work taking all those photos and finding and linking the web sites showing those amazing eggs!

    Your bell definitely looks like an egg to me. Such artistic talent and skill went into that! Wish we could hear the tune!

    I have a small egg collection: wood, ceramic, pysanka, and, of course, tatted!

    Nice job on the motifs. I love that book!

  4. Your motifs are lovely and as for your Thrift shop find its tremendous


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