Monday, February 08, 2010

This heart pattern is fairly new, designed last year by Linda Davies, also known as Tattyhead. You can find the link on her blog which takes you to the PDF HERE!

I have to admit I took some liberties with the pattern, though not exactly planned. (in other words, not paying attention!) I couldn't find an email on her blog or profile but I wanted to let her know the clovers have "RW" after each ring and it only needs it after the 3rd ring. Once you read it's a clover, you'll know you don't reverse work but I was hoping to contact Linda before anyone printed out a new pattern. I mistakenly made all the lower chains with 5 picots when actually they were supposed to be descending in number to 3 in each chain. I also threw a tiny ring off the bottom point chain out of personal preference. That part I meant to do!

I tatted it in King Tut quilting thread, using 2 strands wound together. It is size #40/3 in color 945. The size is according to sewing thread, not tatting. It's more like size 80 and I did try tatting with a single strand but it broke on the 3rd ring and looked too sparse. Most tiny threads look delicate and wispy. This one just looked starved! The color shadings showed up better with 2 strands too.

Another big favorite of mine is Betsy Evans' heart bookmark. I've used the hearts alone for many other uses, like here!


  1. Your tatted hearts are wonderful! I tried tatting a couple of times, but I decided I would do better with a sewing machine or with beads. What you tatters do amazes me!
    Marty S
    Crackpot Beader

  2. I go throught your blog and you are wonderful. Your work is fantastic.
    I suscribe to your blog.
    I hope I will be able to do some of the things you do one day.
    thank you

  3. The Hearts are lovely will definately have to make a couple!!!!!!!!

  4. Downright masochistic using that King Tut! I have some and it is enough to drive me to Jane's Gin! LOL!

    I got excited, however, when you said you used it doubled - why did I not ever think of doing that?

    Then you said it looked starved. Such a letdown!

    Whatever - the heart is very pretty and so is the pattern.
    Fox : ) ♥

  5. Thanks for visiting my Blog and leaving a comment!
    Your tatting is very beautiful.

  6. Your heart is adorable using the King Tut thread.
    Linda's email is on the pattern.


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