Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tatting Tea Tuesday 2-23-10

Well, here it is ~ Tatting Tea Tuesday and I have neither tatting nor tea news to pass on. I did see some teapots at Goodwill today but refrained from buying them. Instead, I bought a set of 4 wooden TV trays that I've been wanting for ages! That way I can set my tatting on the opposite side of my tea and one will not slosh all over the other.

(SMILE) Covered my butt there, eh?

As promised, here is another gift I won in the OWOH blog event! These lovely handmade Gnome Greeting Cards are from Paula Niziolek in Oregon. Her blog is On a Rainy Night, and features all kinds of handmade goodies.

"On A Rainy Night" reminds me of this song, Love a Rainy Night and it keeps going through my head while I'm writing this!

Paula crochets these cute little gnomes - well, the chick is definitely knitted - so I think she does both, and then follows them around for their adventures, photographs them and records their stories. Kind of like we do with the Leprechauns! She has stitched the photos onto the card and added some decorative stitching here and there.

See his cute little blue bag? It made me wonder what kind of treasures he found.

Here's the whole set. I think I know some kids who may end up with these at some point during the year. It should spark their imagination!

And look at this sweet message stamped on the envelope flap. I didn't catch the tree stamped inside the card or "handmade" on the back with a little birdie as well as a tiny chick sticker until just now!

Thank you Paula for such a cute little gift!

I intended to post this much earlier but had forgotten I had a dinner to attend right after work. The Environmental Health section of our department oversees food safety as part of their responsibilities all over campus. Often their student workers are enrolled in the Hotel & Restaurant Management program. A requirement for graduation is to plan and prepare a full course dinner in the John Purdue Room. When you go to all that trouble, of course you want people to show up and eat. It's pricey but it's only once or twice a year since we keep the same students for a few years and they only do this once. I've only gone to one other one. So I met 2 other coworkers there and we all ordered the Beef Wellington. Meals are regularly served in this campus restaurant and I've never been impressed with the portions or taste so I would never blame it on the students. They are only doing what they are taught to do. The beef was good and I liked the flatbread and asparagus, although some butter on the asparagus would have been nice. The blueberry dessert was quite good too although I seldom eat dessert. The soup wasn't one I'd have again and the appetizer - I don't even know what it was other than pink and mushy and rather tasteless. The roasted potatoes were just okay. The spinach salad had a bit of wonderful spiced pear in it and almonds but you could barely taste the vinegrette. In fact, my friend swore hers was just oil and no vinegar or other seasoning. As I said though....the meals prepared by regular staff at this place are not the best. We were there to support the student and it's a lot of work to plan and prepare not only the featured special but other items on the menu for dozens of people arriving at different times. It certainly was not a disaster and I left feeling quite full!

I worked a bit on my T.A.T. last night and am down to ONE project. I may retat another and I have to do the finishing part of another segment. Then I am done! None of them are quick and easy get-er-done things but once I get to it, it should be a fairly smooth ride.

Then I have BABY STUFF to be tatting! My granddaughter will be here in less than 3 months!

Here's the momma finishing up the painting. My son will put up the chair rail afterwards.

I can't wait!


  1. Love the wall with the stripes - it looks like it is going to be a cute room.

    Way to go - only one more T.A.T. to go! Good for you! You seem to have got a lot done suddenly.
    Fox : )

  2. Hi Gina! I'm so glad you like your Gnome cards. Last I checked, Mr. Barney Gnome had the cutest tiny little pinecones tucked away in his bag. I do believe he was going to be using them for firestarter when he got back home.
    I Love A Rainy Night is one of my favorite songs and my intention was to name my blog that, but when I tried, the name was already taken so that is how I ended up with On A Rainy Night... And I DO live in the Pacific NorthWET, so it is most appropriate!

  3. The cards are really cute Gina. They certainly will make great gifts to a child.
    The baby's room is looking good. You will have to take a picture of it when it is completed.

  4. What a cute gift, and the cards too. Very nice.
    What will you tat for babies?

  5. THose gnome cards are darling. They remind me of the 70's for some reason.
    Hope you show us the finished product in the baby's room...by "finished product" I mean both the painting on the walls and the baby! ;)


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