Tuesday, February 02, 2010

- - Tuesday

I have pretty much NOTHING for TTT this week!

I've been so busy taking the magic carpet tour of blogs that I haven't done much handwork at all. One night I stitched a bit on the needle roll and another night I did start crocheting a tea cozy, a pattern I found through the tour of blogs. I'm only on #400 and there are currently 924! Do you think I'll make it through all of them before the 14th? I suspect not. I open up 5 at a time but I've noticed the browser is slow once I click on a few links and once I'm seriously looking at them, the browser gets even slower. I think it's because it's caching all these sites. Happens at home and work both. There are so many I want to explore further but when the browser is slow, I just look at the post for the OWOH and go on to the next. I've favorited a few but I'm not real good about going through my favorites.

At any rate, I'm raising awareness about tatting - except I'm NOT tatting! LOL! And the two things I want to get tatted are for T.A.T. and I can't post them. Well, it's only Monday so hopefully I'll catch up with myself by the end of the week!

I'm also making a strong effort to get to the gym more consistently. I got some of the boxes in the hallway into the closet yesterday but I'm not sure where I want which box. I'm trying to make it convenient to get to what I will use the soonest and that's like playing Wheel of Fortune. LOL!

I'm sure I'll tat something soon but for now....nada.

Oh...but look! It's a faerie tea party tea cup by Christen Brown!

And I don't have permission to post this so look quick - I'll probably have to remove it even though I've linked back.

See what I do in a pinch???? I'm hoping to inspire you though....where would YOU add tatting?


  1. That is cute...that Fairy Tea party! I really should hop on that magic carpet ride! I did OWOH last year and had a blast doing it!

  2. Gina, I know what you mean about the magic carpet ride. I have not tatted a thing since I have been on the ride.

    I have visited a lot of the blogs, but did not enter all of them since I am not an art giveaways since I am not into artwork except Louis Icart etchings. I own 7 of his.

    I think 3 people are now interested in tatting since they saw my work. They did not know you could do so much with tatting. One other woman was going back to tatting after seeing the pieces I tatted. So I think the Magic carpet ride is doing a lot for people in look at tatting and probably other craft work in a different light.

    Well I am back to my magic carpet ride. See you on the ride Gina.


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