Friday, January 29, 2010

Oh Look! Our very own Nina Libin!

Okay, only her hands and certainly not her voice. If you have ever met Nina, you know she is Russian and has a strong accent. This video is a result of an interview posted at Chains aren't shown but once you master the making of the stitch, chains are easy.

I've been having great fun on my magic carpet ride! I've visited 185 of the 796 (currently) blogs involved. New blogs are added every day so it's a challenge to keep up! I've seen a little tatting, mostly used in other projects and gotten so much inspiration in other places. I'll be posting about some of them as we move along.

I've been very busy this week. Ah...I have a free night! I misread an invite to the Sugar Creek Art Center and thought an event was going on tonight but it's TWO weeks away. I spent a few nights this week finishing up the tatting for my giveaways in the OWOH blog event. My weekend will be a bit busy too but I'm going to work towards finishing T.A.T. and getting the remaining boxes out of the living room. I want to get a new TV soon and need to be able to get to the old one!

I would also like to take my tree down. It's almost February. Maybe I could just take all the Christmas ornaments off and put tatted hearts on it? I've probably given away every heart I've made though. Just have a few I've received in exchanges and one of them is bobbinlace. Oh..actually, I think I made several hearts last year as I was trying out different patterns and they are still in the pattern pages. I put my printouts in those clear protective pages and then in binders eventually. I have one binder labeled "hearts" and it's full. It's not that hearts are my favorite motif to tat, there are just so many patterns available!

I also plan to visit my son and pregnant daughter-in-law. I haven't seen them since Christmas and she was just getting a little bump there at the time. We're halfway there so that means I need to get busy figuring out what baby stuff I want to do! I need to make one bootie. Yes, ONE. I already made one a few years ago for the little 3 year old who is my goddaughter. I tested it on her before I made the 2nd one for her christening. She was 6 months old by then and the bootie was too small so I adapted the pattern and made it bigger. I planned to make the 2nd of the first pair for my son anyway - just hadn't gotten to it.

Well...back to work. Hope you all tat this weekend!


  1. Great video! Do you by any chance know what type of shuttle she is using? It's beautiful!

  2. Nina used to sell a shuttle that looked like that. It was taller so that it would hold the beads that are so prevalant in her patterns. David Reed Smith also makes wood shuttles that look like that but they aren't as tall.

  3. Holy Moly,no wonder I don't tat! I was lost immediately!!! teehee

  4. Hi Gina,
    I saw your post on Crazy Haberdasher and came over to visit. As soon as I 'arrived' I realised we'd met before! But I've had a look at your latest tatting - it really is lovely. I do wish I'd learned to do that when I was a LOT younger. No chance now, with arthritis in my hands and tired eyes from too much time on this computer, lol!

  5. Hello Gina, Thank you very much for your visits. I love your blog too, but I do not write easyly. Kisses from France


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