Saturday, January 16, 2010

Last week was my first full week back at work since the holidays. The week before should have been but I was sick two days, not deathly ill, but enough to not want to expose anyone else. I thought it was a cold but I think it was a different virus now as I got over it way too quickly for a cold. So this week was tiring. I wasn't overly busy although I had appointments scheduled every day. It was those evening activities that wore me out! Monday I managed to make it to the pool/gym again. Plans to continue that did not materialize but I will go today. Tuesday night I met with a lace friend to look at her new all-in-one printer/scanner. I'm seriously considering giving my current one to my son and getting one like hers that does what I want it to do in a way I can follow! Then we went to dinner. Wednesday night I went to my daughter's house and she highlighted my hair and I visited. (new photo shows new highlights!) Thursday night I ran some errands and was just plain tired. Time to stay home for a change and I went through several boxes. And I did try to tat. More on that later. Friday, last night, I was again tired. Came home, went through some boxes, stitched, and went to bed on time. I don't remember when I got up but it was after 9:00 a.m. so I probably slept at least 10 hours. I'm very happy to have a 3 day weekend!

So...after that marathon earring tatting, I needed a break. By the time I started tatting on Thursday night, it was late and I was tired. I started one of the 2 remaining projects in T.A.T. Too late, too tired, and poor instructions. It is a new technique to me. I did finally get it but the instructions leave a crucial diagram out. There was only one phrase that gave me a clue: piggyback shuttles. Now I've done that before. These are samples of a technique I taught at Palmettos one year which required holding the shuttles that way but it's not the same kind of project. You just have to hold 2 shuttles together which is also called piggybacking them. So once I got that, I could figure out the next part although it was not really explained. The next step was way too much for my tired brain at that point. I'll have to tat up one of Martha's brain cells to get me through times like this!

I'm finding so many treasures as I downsize. This is a cupid stamp that I made in art class in high school. I buggered up one of the eyes a bit but this is my one and only attempt at making a stamp. We used a 3 x 3 inch linoleum block manufactured by The American Crayon Company (cost 28¢) and then transferred our design that we sketched on tracing paper and then carved away the background. Then we inked it with a roller and stamped with it. Messy. Looks like I might have slipped with cupid's arrow quiver and slid across his poor little face! I'd like to try stamping with it if I can find an ink pad big enough in my stash. I don't think I have one. I've only got a few stamps but my sister might have one. She's got a HUGE stash!

This is the stitching I did last night. This isn't entirely counted cross stitch, which I'm NOT good at but I've been itching to stitch, embroider rather than be limited to cross stitch, so I thought I'd start this. I've already got a needle roll started somewhere, but I'm determined to finish this one.

This should be the end result. The others I have are herb design needle rolls. I think I've actually given most of those kits away.

Here's one I'd forgotten about too. The embroidery covers a heart shaped tin. I've been putting my tatted motifs in decorative containers, mostly ceramic, lately. I don't think I've got a ceramic heart shaped conainer but I do have several tin ones.

And look! It came with a tin of Altoids in the kit! This one will be good for me to get a little different exposure to stitches without it being a huge project. I have a big one that is a "tea sampler" and I'm just not sure I want to tackle it. I actually have a coworker stitching one that is teapots because I can't fathom doing it myself. She likes cross stitch. I don't. LOL! I do like embroidery but not xxxxxx.

This is another kit that was a real bargain. Originally it sold for $27.76 and I got it for $2.77. Can't tell you when....but it has everything included in the kit. I wonder how long a bee's wax wheel is good? Oh, I do have to provide the fabric for the embroidery...velvet, linen, whatever...

I also found my teneriffe wheels and instructions. Some ancient knitting and crochet booklets. I have a group of maybe 5 that are only bags. I don't even like them. Why? Why? Why did I get them? Maybe they were included in something else. I'll probably sell those on ebay.

I have tons of wooden stuff to paint on. I didn't have the time to do it but I had the inspiration. I'm trying to downsize that pile.

Fabric and patterns. I've cut my patterns in half...again. I'm not as good about letting go of fabric. I'll have to work on that.


  1. Wow, got to go and lie down. I'm exhausted reading your blog and all you've done and still going to do!!!

  2. You really have been busy!!!! No time to be bored huh! And the kit was a real bargain and it looks like fun to do!!!

  3. That's one bit of T.A.T. I am dreading, will come and ask your advice when i get that far.


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