Friday, January 08, 2010

In case you are wondering WHY I'm still tatting this design, I wanted to have a sample that used only picots, no beads, and all one thread. I'm now getting ready to string beads and wind shuttles for 2 more pairs, one with beads and 2 colors and one with contrasting beads but one color. I'll use them during the class tomorrow. Yea.....last-minute-minnie I am. Everything is ready - I just need to string and wind these shuttles which I will have done in less than an hour while I'm watching TV.

And oh, if you've just stumbled on this blog or don't remember seeing me post it before, the pattern is from It's important you have that "-" in there if you google for it. The thread is Springtime from Lizbeth in size 20. This is still my favorite Lizbeth thread. A few of the solids have caught my attention but otherwise I'm not quite as enamoured as many seem to be. Not a bad thread by any means, but I wouldn't say it's #1 either. I think the best thing they've got going for them is the huge number of colors as well as being a good thread. Fortunately, we all have different preferences and you should choose according to what appeals to you and works best for you.

Hmmm...speaking of threads...Manuela used to be much sought after, a favorite. I have a ball of size 20 in front of me...50 grams which is 400 meters. (Apparently this thread is now called Hakelgarn?) and I remember paying $6 for it. I also have a ball of Lizbeth in front of me in size 20, which is 25 grams or 210 yards (this one says yards, not meters) and it cost me $4. So 50 g would be about 420 yards. To be honest, I think I prefer the smaller balls. I got the majority of my Manuela around 1999. That means it is 10 and 11 years old. I've only used up maybe 2 or 3 balls in that entire time. I wanna run out so I'll have justification to buy NEW thread!!!! LOL!

So what shall I tat next??? Firstly, I have a few friends who want earrings so if none that I've already tatted are quite what they want, then I may need to do that. Secondly, I found I only have 2 things to tat for the T.A.T., plus maybe a redo on another and the finishing touch on another. I also have to see how it's all labeled. I realized I did my last one a little bit wrong. Nothing was said and maybe if I go back and read the directions, they changed between apprentice and intermediate. I definitely want to finish that up and send it off.

There are birthdays coming up in February and March.

I've got a grandbaby to be planning for.

I'm still sorting out the chaos from when my son moved in. It's more manageble now, only because I have it temporarily hidden, but I want to make inroads there. I refuse to take my tree down until I do. Never had a tree up in July and don't intend to start now!

I have a few projects I want to embark on this year too, the sooner the better while they're fresh in my mind.

And I found a skein of HDT from Karey while moving things around that I need to get wound on a card.

Looks like I'm going to be very busy for quite awhile now.


  1. Love the colors on this one. I have lots of Lizbeth thread but not this colorway--must get it.
    deanna in Texas

  2. Ah, you've hit the proverbial nail on the head over threads!!! I love Manuela but don't like the size of the balls either. They were extremely good value. I like the Lizbeth but only one variegated 'does' it for me so far!!!! I'm trying to 'use up' some of my stash so I can 'allow' myself to shop again!!!
    Love the latest earrings - even without beads they're stunning. The necklace is to DIE for.
    Suggestion for a new baby - a tatted mobile. That's what I've done for all my 'grands'. Something that will become a keepsake too.

  3. Oh dear I feel like I'm learning a new language looking through your blog - but the results sure are pretty!!


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