Tuesday, January 26, 2010

TTT 1-26-10

Yeah, I know it's actually for coffee but for the coffee drinkers who visit here, it's a goodie for them, and for the tea drinkers, just adapt it for tea, and for the margarita drinker....hehehehe...Put a little container of margarita salt and some margarita mix in there. Make the cup a goblet and you're good to go. What a great all-around pattern!

That's all I got this time folks. I hoped to have a tea cozy made but there just wasn't time. I've got tons of links but other things have priority for now. I've got more floor space in the living room but I'm still not done.

I'm going to be joining the Whimsical Bohemian for the 2010 One World One Heart 4th Annual Blog Event so watch for a post later this week. When you go to her website, you will find hundreds of links to other bloggers, creative bloggers, who are hosting a giveaway as part of this celebration. The idea is to meet other bloggers ...everywhere. I'll be having a giveaway too but I'm not quite ready. The event started today but you can join anytime up to Feb. 8th, I think.

So pull up a chair, sip your coffee/tea/martini, tat and browse all those websites and see how inspired you get!


  1. That's a neat bag! With the heart cutout I'm thinking VALENTINES!!! My third grader is already talking about her valentines box. I think a bag like this would be great - just have to figure out how she can personalize it herself.

    Wow! The Whimsical Bohemian has an unbelievable number of bloggers participating! I put her in my blog list because I want to go back and check some of the links out. That will be fun for you to be a part of!

    :) Ann

  2. how pretty, a great gift for a coffee person.
    Lots of tatters here..fun!

  3. So adorable! So happy you stopped by my blog so that I could meet you and see all your wonderful work. **kisskiss** Deborah


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