Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tatting Tea Tuesday 1/12/10 Giveaway!

I found it! The website for the Indiana business I've used before and thought was gone is still there! There is not nearly as much on it as in the past but they are still in business and I signed up for the newsletter again.

I don't know if anyone pays that much attention but I have a category of blogs in the sidebar that have to do with interesting and inspiring blogs that don't feature tatting as the main subject. Yesterday I noticed that Lollychops had a subject line that said screamed, "The Mad Tatter's Teabag Template!". Now who could resist checking that out??? So I did.

It seems Lollychops has a sister who just learned to tat (in like 24 hours!)and she was bragging on her, rightfully so. But THEN, her next paragraph...and how cool is this given it's now Tatting Tea Tuesday? was a new crafty design of hers - a Tatter's Teabag Envelope! and you can get the template HERE!

I had great intentions for making it when I got home but I was late getting out of work and then I went to the pool at the gym and then Walmart and by the time I got home, I had an hour and a half to eat, check my email, and make the teabag holders.

I had already printed it out on cardstock so this part was easy....cut it out. I ended up cutting a curve on the straight side because I'm not making a card like Lollyshops did. I'm just using it as an envelope but what a sweet gift card! All I've done is glue the bottom and it wasn't quite dry so I didn't push the teabag all the way down. It could use some embellishing too!

I also wanted to make one in fleece or felt. I cut it out. But I needed to get to bed so I just scanned my idea and you will have to use your imagination! Someone asked me what I was going to do with that edging and the needlelaced motif. The edging isn't quite long enough but it might depend on how and where I put it on. I would put the motif on the front flap but it is underneath the triangle right now. Then the edging would probably be long enough! I would also need a little button or bead fastener or maybe velcro, to hold it closed. Anyway...I think this would be a fun and quick project (well, except for the tatting part) for our tea tatters! Oooooh and with Valentine's Day coming up, give your favorite Valentine some chocolate cherry flavored tea and put a tatted heart on it!

Okay...so now you're wondering....didn't she say something about a giveaway??? Yes! At the weekend, I went through a tub of patterns and...sigh...I have this habit of buying duplicates when they're on sale at JoAnn's for $1 each.

And this is a duplicate! See the tea cozies on the table? Another perfect fit for Tatting Tea Tuesday! I'll use the random generator to pick a number from the comments on this post only between now and the next Tatting Tea Tuesday on January 18th. I'll announce the winner of the pattern that morning. Another pretty thing to embellish with tatting, right?


  1. Anonymous1:18 PM

    Oh so precious is your tatting with the red felt. I would love to be included in your giveaway. Happy Tatting.

  2. Your little teabag envelope is adorable! I think I might have to work on one of those.

    Thanks for offering a give-away, too. Hope I win! I need a tea cozy pattern. LOL!

  3. I am loving the idea od red felt - perhaps red or pink felted wool for the teabag cozy...hmmmmm. I am seeing a new project in my not so distant future - maybe after Jane's TIAS is done.
    I also love the idea of tatting on the kitchen cozies. Lots of great ideas, thanks!!

  4. the little teabag envelope is lovely; what a neat idea! i'm just about to share some teas i have over here with a tatter friend and this will come in handy! and wow, i can sure imagine how the edging will look on a dainty teabag envelope!

    ideas and magazines are ever so cool! :)

  5. oooo. that's so cool!

  6. You've caught me, hook, line and sinker, with that felt teabag holder idea! I will be making one after T.I A.S. is finished.

    You're so clever! It would make a darling Valentine for a tea-lovin' friend.

    Please include me in your giveaway. I would love to enter for a chance to win!

  7. Sisterchops1:45 PM

    Hey there Tatting Goddess! My sister Lollychops sent me a link to your blog Monday, I love it!! So glad to see there is a whole community of Mad Tatters !o) Then I see we are mentioned here, YAY! I love the tea bag idea and I hope to be contributing some tatting to the Lollychops idea pool! Happy Tatting!

  8. Hey Sisterchops! Welcome to the world of tatting!

  9. My mom and sister alerted me to this post as they are now evidently regulars on your blog! How totally funny!!

    Thanks for sharing your tea bag creations! They came out fabulously!


  10. You are such a Clever Lady! Who would of thought of a Tea Bag Holder with Tatting on it? Just no end to using our designs and motifs. (I have a drawer full of small motifs that will certainly come in handy.) Thanks for sharing your ideas with us.

  11. Hi - what a nice giveaway! I'm waiting on books of needle lace - any suggestions of your favs?

    tatting in Ohio, traci

  12. I am not trying to enter the giveaway or anything... I just had to come by again Gina... I have been getting a few comments thanks to your post! Folks have been telling me that "The tatting Goddess" (that would be YOU) told them about me... so just wanted to say thanks again!

    Tatty HUGS!

  13. Jane S.2:43 PM

    Please enter me in your giveaway -- I have dreams of a coordinated kitchen and a pattern for covering all my appliances would be really helpful...of course, I have dreams of winning the lottery too but this seems a bit more realistic in chances of winning! :)

    Jane S.
    janers41 at hotmail dot com


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