Sunday, January 17, 2010

I just changed my comment process to not include word verification. I've just commented on a few blogs and could barely read the letters to begin with. I still moderate but we'll see if not having word verification really opens me up to more spam or not. You won't see it as I'll have it deleted rather than published anyway.
[Update ~ well, that didn't last long. I had 2 spams as soon as I published and 2 more within an hour. Can't just leave it at word verification either as there are a few who do go to the trouble of doing that.]

I'm still downsizing. This going through stuff you love is not a quick process. At the moment, I have several boxes I need to document with the camera and then take out to the car for charity - or whomever I'm giving them too. That will open up some space to work in. I went through my patterns AGAIN and managed to reduce the number to fit into ONE storage cube. Unless there's another one hidden in the basement somewhere. I know I have some patterns in another container with some fabric but it's not more than 5 or 6.

I've given myself a deadline. I kept all my doll dress patterns because I also have a box of dolls and I will dress these dolls and find homes for them in this year or let go of them all. It's silly to have them boxed away for years on end.

I have culled a lot of the wood I was going to paint on. I've emptied the craft room closet and need to wash it down before I refill it.

I found some things I had completely forgotten about ordering! And next time I'll show you the tiny fanstick I bought from Ann Keller while in Ireland. I also bought a pattern to tat the lace for it and still haven't done it. Wow.....10 years ago in June!


  1. I need to get myself in order and clean out some stuff too! That should have been my resolution this year!!!

    HUGS Gina!

  2. Oh I just gave up on organizing or finding anything,,that is an amazing mushroom, and did I mention your banner is too cute!


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