Sunday, January 24, 2010

It's 50º outside!

It's been a busy week and I love that each day got warmer. The sun is even shining! We needed that after a week of subzero temps and overcast skies.

Yesterday I went to the Greenfield Tatting Guild. I think I've mentioned before that we often end up test-tatting for Kaye. We had some new faces this time and some that I haven't seen for awhile. Haven't been there myself for several months. The angel above is what Kaye is teaching at the Finger Lakes Tatting Seminar on April 10/11, 2010. I was going to post the seminar information but it's 7 pages long so we'll need to find another way. In the meantime, contact Karey Solomon for more information. I've subscribed to a site that will host pdf files but haven't taken the time to test it yet. That will solve problems like this!

Looks like a great lineup for the seminar. Since I know Kaye's teaching style better than anyone else I've taken classes with, I can recommend her highly. The angel is small and I tatted it within the 1 1/2 hour time frame we had but I was also familiar with the techniques. This is a great class to learn some new techniques. Kaye uses them in small doses and has clear diagrams and goes through each technique, as a class and individually. This one involves double picots, split chains and split rings, and block tatting. Sounds like a lot, but as I said, they are in small bites. There is not a pattern for the wings, but she has several suggestions for the wings and the ones she uses are sparkly and gossamer. I've just used some gauzy flower stamens I found in my stash. So if you want to learn new techniques on a small scale, this is a good class to take.

Watch the blogs of other teachers - I'm sure they'll be showing a sample of what they are teaching too. (Kaye doesn't have a blog!)

I didn't have time to do anything more with my decluttering goal this week. This morning I moved a few boxes that I know are done out of the living room into the hallway. Once my laundry dries, I'm off to the gym and then a few errands. Once I come back, I'll wash down the closet these containers are going into and put them away and try to finish up what is left. Then I will tat.

I tried to create a different profile on facebook to move all my tatting friends to but it looks like it will be a long process so I think I'll make a badge for here and you can use it to join me on facebook at the new page. Once I do that, I'll be removing all my tatting friends from the current profile. It's just easier for me.


  1. One of these days, I am going to get back to Greenfield. Kaye is such a nice lady and ZigZag is a great place to shop. I'm glad the shop is still going to be open for events and the occasional shopping day.

    That angel is too cute. I have about 20 pairs of those wings left from an angel making binge about six years ago. I can't bear to part with them because I just KNOW I'll find another use for them one day. Yeah, right.

  2. I love your tatted work! My husband's late grandmother was a skilled tatter, and I have the most amazing hankies which she made for me. They are far too pretty and precious to be used:-)


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