Saturday, January 02, 2010

Arrrgghhhh!  I'm using the "new editor".  It's really not that handy for photos. I work in the html mode and it doesn't even have an upload button! I hope I can go back to traditional if this doesn't work out. Way too much html to maneuver around this way.

Can't tell where to start my post either. New year. New learning curve.

This is the last pair of earrings for my friend. I actually made two pairs and reversed the order of the purple and black and used different beads. I thought the other purple was brighter but when they were both done, you could barely tell. I'm teaching this at my lace guild this month so now I have to make up a few more samples! I will be so tired of this pattern by then. I'm not one to keep tatting the same thing over and over.

These are part of the package for my secret santa recipient. I was trying to use a color she really liked and this one popped out at me. I really like it with silver beads. The top one is a pattern by Heather Johnston and the other two are from other publications and I forget if they came from the same one or two different ones now! The thread is Lizbeth size 20.

I decided to paint this wooden snowflake and turn it into a thread winder. I tried to topcoat it a bit early. The white snowflake design dragged a bit. I was running out of time so left it.

I made one more bird, this time in Christmas fabrics and added eyes and a green bow and tatted wings. I think this might be fun to do with decorative stitching too but time was at a premium this year. I had some other things for Janis but the photo didn't turn out well. These were the tatting related items.

This is annoying!  I want my text to the LEFT!  Ah...I guess I have to type it and THEN format it. Really..this is not easier.  Okay, since  I had an extra day before I could mail it, I added a brooch to Bonnie's earrings.  I doubled up the thread for the earrings, matching the color changes so they were the same. With the brooch however, I didn't try to match them up  Even so, you can see they coordinate.  The color separation isn't quite as distinct.   She lives on the East Coast and needs something bright and cheery during these cold bleak winter months!

Last night I finally finished the other motif that called for a needlelace center. I made mine different from the author's and this motif is in a finer thread too.  See the difference in size from the one I made earlier? I find thread this fine a little fiddly to work with. I like to be able to see it!  LOL! to publish and we'll see what I think about this "new editor".


  1. Very pretty broach and earrings. And the top ornament of the 3 for your recipient reminds me of music staffs. It must be one of those vision things.

    Happy New Year!


  2. LOVE the brooch and earwigs - you're SUCH a neat tatter. The small white motifs are cute too. Lovely, lovely work. I like the new photo of you too.

  3. Beautiful work as always, I really like tatting and beads together.

    Oh my and a brooch too! This is so exciting. Thank You!

    P.S. I don't like the new editor either, and it doesn't have spell check.

  4. Very pretty! Your shuttles have been very busy! I really like the motifs with the needle lace in the centers! Those are my faves!

  5. Bonnie is going to love her broach and earring set. I like your new picture on your blog!!! I'm thinking of updating mine soon too! Have a good day.

  6. Lovely stuff. I the combi you used for the swirly 's' earings. What threads were they? The purple looks a bit sparkly even!

  7. Wickedtats - Both threads were Flora size 50 and I added a gold thread hoping to give it some razzle dazzle. Not quite what I'd hoped for but I think the receiver will like them anyway. Oh, the gold thread is Madeira metallic gold. I've used better gold threads but it's not a bad one either.


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