Sunday, September 04, 2011

I got an unexpected gift from Anika - two more of her hand dyed skeins! I have one wound onto a floss holder and tatted a tiny bit already.

Otherwise, I really have no tatting to show. We had another heat record-breaking week and after trudging across campus several times each day, I literally dropped for a nap every day when I got home. When I woke up, I really didn't feel like doing anything. It's pretty bad when I can't even rouse myself to tat!

Yesterday I spent a few hours demonstrating lace at Global Fest. Since another tatter was going to be there during the same shift, I took a Romanian Point Lace project with me. I didn't make much progress and may snip out what I did do. It's hard to focus when people are continually asking questions and telling their stories. Enjoyable but not conducive to good lace work. It wasn't bad in spite of the lack of AC but I was glad to go home and cool off. Kelli may have some photos to post later but I didn't take any.

It did cool off last night as a cold front came through and it looks like the remainder of the weekend will be comfortable, if cloudy and overcast.

May all of you who labor on a regular basis enjoy the holiday on Monday!


  1. Thanks to the internet, I could check out the Global Fest website and also learn about the history of the Morton Center on their site., which was very interesting! I assume you were at least indoors, out of the sun.

    I have never been able to do any 'real' tatting at our events. I simply can't concentrate, and most of the day I have my Tatsy shuttle in my hand, demonstrating with thick thread. After chatting with visitors, I can't switch gears and go back to tatting something delicate with a normal shuttle and fine thread,

    We've had a nice switch in temperatures today, after two 95-degree days! Hope you have a 'cool' and pleasant holiday weekend

  2. Oh, Lucky lady! Have fun tatting with Anika's thread. Hope your labor day is a pleasant and relaxing one.

  3. Well done I hope you have fun tatting with the lovely thread.


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