Thursday, September 22, 2011

Yay! Finally I made a second attempt at the Chinese Coin bookmark. I'm ready to make the turn and start up the other side. I will probably wait until tomorrow to finish it off.

I am so behind in my tatting or any lace, for that matter. Palmettos is this weekend and I'll be watching for news from attendees. Also the gang at Fringe Element which is also this weekend. The Feast of the Hunter's Moon is also this weekend locally. I won't be attending any of them. I was originally going on vacation but had to make some changes in my plans. It will be better to go at a later date.

I've been reading the blogs even though I don't comment on all. Time has been at a premium lately but I'm liking what I see. So much beautiful Autumn colors in thread and projects! Autumn is my favorite season.

I've been enjoying the season's premiers this week. I mostly watch the comedys - The Big Bang Theory was the main attraction tonight! Person of Interest is on now which doesn't particularly appeal to me. CSIC is about as much drama as I can handle!


  1. It looks so pretty!

  2. Anonymous7:30 AM

    Hi Gina,

    It's so nice to see you Chinese coin another try - it's looking good!!

    What color are you using? It reminds me of the same one I sent to Diane (minus the orange beads, lol)
    Did mine in Hakelgarn Ecru

    I like that pattern so much, I even played around with it... made an inverted chinese coin that (with the right stone, bead, etc) can easily fit in the middle or be used as a small photo frame (very small)

  3. Hey, Gina!
    This is looking good!

    It took me SEVERAL attempts to get mine finished and I do think it is looking a bit lopsided. I have to try it again and will use one colour and no beads! That might be helpful.
    Fox : )

  4. First have looks good for the bookmark! I know what you mean about not having enough time. I only get to read a few blogs and not alot of time to comment. I tried to not start any new series to watch, but I recorded Person of Interest and will watch it tonight. I also recored Unforgetable and just watched it and thought it was pretty good. Have a good weekend !!

  5. Looks like you have a good start there with such limited time! :)

  6. Lovely pattern, and nice choice of colour, suits the pattern.

  7. I love the Big Bang Theory too.


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