Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I'm making progress on the Chinese Coin bookmark but again, was too busy watching TV and kept having to retro-tat. Stopped after my 3rd error. Maybe tonight!

I'm also crocheting a hat from this red nubby yarn although neither the scan or photo showed the true red. Because it is so nubby, it's hard to follow but I think I'm making progress!


  1. Oh, the darn telly!!! I rarely watch it while tatting but have to be 'aware' of what's happening in case 'im wot I live with asks me questions!!!! If I put my tatting down for a 'serious' watching session then I fall asleep - what is known as a lose, lose situation!!!

  2. I find that when I tat watching TV, it means a lot of tonking, especially on a new-to-me pattern.
    It'll be a nice bookmark when it's finished.

  3. Anonymous11:52 AM

    Yay, it's looking good...

    I completely understand about making mistakes while watching tv... Usually find myself watching and not making tatting progress

  4. It`s looking lovely so far!! The only thing I can do with the TV on is knit. Alot of the time I cann`t even have the radio on if I am tatting!!


  5. The bookmark is looking good!
    Sometimes I can watch TV and tat, other times not so much. Now, if it's reruns or a movie I've already seen, that's another story.

  6. I can’t do anything else when I tat...I listen to the TV like a...a RADIO! LOL
    I’m not glad you had a problem; but it gives me some sort of ease to know that I’m not a total dud...I’ve started that lovely bookmark twice and gotten lost twice...
    Perhaps when I’m FINALLY settled in my new home this week (surrounded by boxes still). Husband is returning with a SECOND load (smaller truck) and grandson, Nathan.
    I can’t wait to see this bookmark finished...luv Bev


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