Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Angels and Needlebooks

I started this Praying Angel from Nine Tatted Angels by Monica Hahn last night and finished it up this morning. I know the I.O.L.I. Library has a copy but I'm not sure it's available elsewhere anymore.

Most of Monica's angels tend to have pointy wings and I like rounded or gently sloped wings. She likes to use clunies for the hands too but not being a very cluny-oriented person lately, I decided to use Bina Madden's Puff stitch instead for the praying hands. The wings could be done with or without the addition of needlelace. I thought, hmmmm....why not just make long picots? Well, the one side turned out but not so good the other side. The better side is the 2nd side so practice must be the key to good tatting, AGAIN!

I used Manuela/Hakelgarn thread that I bought a long time ago, size 20. It looks red and white striped on the ball but ends up looking more pink than anything. I was planning on a Peppermint Praying Angel, but she looks a bit more sherbert-y, I think.

There are boy angels in this publication too so if you have been looking for a boy angel, look for it. In I.O.L.I., it is #T-098. You do have to be a member to borrow from the library though and you have to pay shipping.

I don't actually promote other people's products but I do show what I like and what I'm pleased with. I have several blogs in a "Inspiring Blogs" list on the left sidebar and I do get lots of inspiration and ideas and enjoyment from them. Recently I was moved to buy this needlebook from the Etsy Shop of The Feathered Nest. I couldn't believe how fast it arrived and it's so sweet!

I've been keeping my needles in a separate pincushion but I think I'll put a few of the sizes I use the most in this needlebook and put it in my "to-go" bag. It also gives me a few ideas for all those vintage but damaged linens I seem to hoard. A shuttle-book, maybe? A tea book?


  1. I really like this angel! Her body is proportionate and the negative space makes for lovely arms. I wish I knew enough about needle lace to understand the difference. It *looks * like long picots to me. I really like her- very, very nice!

  2. I'd love to see a shuttle book! The angel is very sweet, but I also prefer rounded wings.

  3. Lovely angel. I like the needlelace wings.
    Nice needle book. I'm with Diane, I'd like to see a shuttle book too.

  4. Angels....sigh.....I love angels and your needle book is beautiful.

  5. Aniołek przecudny;-)Pozdrawiam.

  6. This angel is so attractive and jumped off the screen! I agree that the rounded wings are more 'realistic' and I do like the idea of the long picots! What really impresses me is that you apparently tatted it in one evening!

    I have only Monica's classic "Christmas Angels and Other Tatting Patterns" book, but treasure it as one of my earliest tatting books back in 1989-90. Monica had a long life, and made it to 101 years (1907-2009) !

    Hope you have a great Thanksgiving weekend! I am VERY thankful for your wonderful blog and fabulous posts! It is also my 'gateway' to SO MANY other blogs!

  7. This is a beautiful angel!
    I don't know why, but I've not been getting your posts in my reader....I'm behind! And here I was thinking you were taking a break. ha
    I'm off to check and make sure I'm still a follower, and then I'll be checking what I've missed!

  8. Great work! I'm a self taught tatter and really enjoy reading your blog and the awesome items you make. Take care, Aggie


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