Thursday, January 12, 2012

I've really appreciated all your wonderfully supportive comments and thoughtful prayers. Life is good!

I've been really busy this week but most of it will go on my lace blog. I'm almost done with the pineapple square doily - one more round which I hope to do today, block and then show tomorrow. Please don't ask me to share the pattern. I cited the source in the post.

I met with my lace friend Sally on Tuesday night and used up some thread on my bobbins with this bookmark. It's going into the "dye pile" to play with when the weather gets better. We do our dyeing outside so have to wait for good weather.

I'm also working on this week's TAST which is the blanket stitch. I'll post the page on my lace blog when I'm finished with it. We also started Karen's Embroider, Embellish and Create class but so far, all I've done is gather potential fabric and think about it. I'll focus on it more when I'm done with the doily and this TAST page. I may look for some snippets of white tatting to include on the piece.

Snow is in the forecast - only the 2nd snow so far this season. I'm really not missing it although it's beautiful when it first falls. I don't miss layers and layers of outer and inner clothes, cleaning off the car, warming it up and then wading through several inches of snow and avoiding falls wherever I go. I do miss sunshine. I hope it comes back out soon.

I can't believe it is Thursday already!


  1. Sounds like you are feeling much better, since you have the energy to be so busy! That is good news. I don't miss the snow too much, either, but it does seems weird to be seeing green grass in January!

  2. We have had lots of snow here and there: even after the warm spell we have 10" with an inch of ice followed by two more inches of snow today. More in the forcast for tomorrow...........The sun would be nice, here, too, especially with the temps going down to a low of -25C in the next few days....Brrrr
    Lovely lace, Gina. I have to finish my TAST for this week, too.

  3. I love the bookmark. Very sweet and simple. (I don't mean simple to make).

    The idea of snow doesn't appeal to me. Mind you it is mid summer here and we have the heating on. Very grey and damp.

  4. thanks for your message ! beautiful tatting


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