Friday, January 06, 2012

TAST started this week and I finished my first stitch page. You can read about the details on my lace blog.

Yeah....I just wanted a picture in this post!

I've been tatting but it's for T.A.T. and I can't show it. Which I think is dumb. I understand about not passing the patterns on but I do think it would help their cause if they allowed participants to show what they are doing.

I still haven't started back on the purse I mentioned in an earlier post but I plan to start it again soon. It's just having to figure out what I was doing to begin with that has held me back. I think I know, but need to do a test ring first.

I hope lots of people are enjoying Jane's new TIAS 2012! I think you'll like the end result.

Warning:Cell phone rant following ~
I wish cell phone usage was banned in restaurants. Just step outside!

I had lunch today at Applebee's. Once again, I was annoyed by someone talking on their cell phone. This time the person very unwisely gave their cell phone number to the caller. Now if they were speaking quietly, it might not matter, but I've noticed so many people talk extra loud. I think it's because they can't hear well because of the noise around them so they talk louder, like that will make them hear better.

One time I had a lady two tables away go on and on about all kinds of personal matters while I was eating my meal. Much of it was not conducive to my appetite and there was no where to move to away from her. Don't people know you can hear them?

Rant over.

Otherwise - my new year is going great! How about you?


  1. i agree with you on the cell phone thing, i have a pre paid cell just for emergencies, in case something bad happens while i'm out. the cell phone users i dislike the most, are the people who use their cell while driving. it honestly scares the heck out of me.

  2. wow!!! well done!!!

  3. Your stitch page is beautiful! Once upon a time I had the patience for that, but no longer.

    When that phone thing happens to me, trucker-talk Fox emerges, enraged, in a voice almost as loud as the offender. I hate to imagine what folks think about the crazy woman with potty mouth who is talking to herself!
    Fox ; ))

  4. I saw someone driving up a street the wrong way while talking on a cell phone today! When the car was next to me, I told her she was going the wrong way....won't tell you what she said in reply, but it was not nice. I think they get on the cell phone and are transported to another world! I love the fly stitch that looks like a curled fern.

  5. Ah, the dreaded cell phones. I have one but it's rarely turned on - only when I'm out and about. When it rings I rarely 'hear' it cause I don't recognise it. Useful on occasions but only Nick rings me so what's the point!!!!!

  6. I agree! I love my cell phone, and use it way too much probably - but I don't usually talk on it in places where I will disturb others. And I definitely DO NOT DRIVE while using my cell phone :)

  7. Oh, and good for you on the T.A.T. work. I am trying to work on that too, but I'm disappointed I can't show anything. I don't get as much of that other stuff accomplished like you do - so I have nothing to post on my blog!

  8. Your stitches are pretty. I agree also--it's especially bad in Walmart in the grocery section. I really feel that people should have more dignity than to discuss their personal issues in public.
    Good luck with your TAT.

  9. I hate drivers talking on the cell phone too.
    Both my oldest son and myself have been in separate accidents where the other driver was talking on the phone. I've also seen more than one driver on the phone going the wrong way on a one-way street. It's now illegal in IN to drive and text but I see it all the time ON THE FREEWAY! I think it's an addiction.

  10. Nice to see you again! Love the stitches too.

    My husband has a rule that if he hears someone using a cell phone in a public bathroom, he goes and flushes all the toilets!

  11. Love your stitches, nice job.

  12. Nice Fly stitchin'! We don't have cell phones since they don't work in our area. But when we're in the city, I see and hear how intrusive they can be.
    There's so much chat about how stressful life has become and I think a lot has to do with always being on call, and plugged in. Just MHO.


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