Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Is it Spring yet?

The sun keeps shining and I see a few green things outside struggling to grow in spite of freezing temps so it is here...barely. Inside though, I've had so much fun tatting these tiny blossoms.

I showed the white ones earlier but I couldn't stop with white. I had to keep trying out other colors, stacking them up, marveling at their pretty little bits. I did send them all to a friend to do with as she wishes, but I think this might be my new shuttle ending pastime. There's so much that can be done with them. I've used this rosette as the basis for several of my patterns or as an embellishment on something else I've stitched. I usually add beads during the tatting but beads can always be added later. I think I'll tat up a little stash for myself to tuck away and bring out when I need a pretty pick-me-up visual.
Before I start the next challenge piece which I always make first in DMC white size 20, I wanted to tat something in color! At first I was going to do Jon's foldover bookmark but then decided I wanted something a bit different and I knew I wanted to add long tails that ended with a covered ball, like the thong bookmark I won from Umintsuru once.

So, I went looking for a suitable pattern. It had to be one that could be folded over at joins, which isn't as easy to find as you would think.

Did you ever see a pattern and wonder, "what in the world (or sam hill as crazy mom said) is that for?" I love Mary Konior's patterns, even when I don't have a clue what to do with something. She tatted all those fragments and single motifs that just beg you to do something more with them. I found one on page 76 of Tatting Patterns. It's called a "triad". But there's no mention of how you might use it.

So here it is, tatted in Altin Basak, size 50. It could be a pendant with the right beads to give it some weight.

Or you could turn it over and it makes a great crown motif!

Or you could put two of them together and....whooooaaaa....what's that ballerina doing there??? Heheheheh...really, it's supposed to fold over. Why is it dancing on pointy pink ballet slippers?'s not a ballerina, but it wouldn't take a lot of tweaking to become one! Now you see how easily I get sidetracked.

Back to the bookmark...


  1. Oh Gina you are a star - thank you for showing the tiny blossoms, I must have missed them before, they are exactly what I need for one of my projects. Bunching them together with ribbon, they look great.

  2. Love your little blossoms, Gina! Looks like you've tatted your own tiny garden!!

  3. Beautiful spring flower "garden"!!! :)
    And really nice motif! :)

  4. Oh, Gina! What a wonderful post! I so enjoyed feasting my eyes on all those pretty pastel motifs and their matching ribbons. What a treat!

    And the ballerina! Ha ha ha! Brilliant!

    I have studied the MK fragments many. MANY times and had those thoughts, but never played with them as you have. Great idea.

    The thread you used for the triad is pretty and looks perfect in the "ballerina."

    Can't wait to see what you come up with next!
    Fox : )

  5. What a fun way to use up your shuttle ends! I love the way you have them put together! I see the ballerina... reminds me of a very popular series in our school library, Angelina Ballerina.

  6. Triad back to back, what a great idea. I see the pendant and crown. Ballerina? Your little flowers are so pretty and a lovely way to bring in spring.

  7. Those little blossoms are SO pretty!

    We've been enjoying some spring down here and the birds seem to be coming back through (thought I was in an Alfred Hitchcock movie the other night). I'm sure the birds and warmth will reach you soon!

    :) Ann

  8. So pretty rosettes, I like them very much. I love this pastel colors ( with your ballerina as well ).

  9. those tiny blossoms are a great way to use up my extra bobbin lace threads. great for embellishing lots of things. thanks for sharing.


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