Thursday, March 30, 2006

I started this yesterday and haven't had time to get back to it. I'm off within the hour to Hector - will have much to write about I hope) when I come back. Got both cameras.

Someone asked me about a pattern in the Lacis book, THE TATTED LACE DESIGNS OF EMMY LIEBERT so I was looking through it earlier this week. There are so many interesting motifs in there! I already have way too much planned this coming week or I would bring it along and attempt to figure out some of the patterns in the evenings.

Free hen & chicks pattern at the Yarnhaus. This is a wonderful rings only pattern for a beginner. I made this edging for cotton dishtowels one Christmas and as an edging on a drawstring bag another time. It goes fast once you're started and it's so lacy.

Only $4.50? This is a lovely guest towel with a tatted edging. I wonder if it is real tatting or machine made? Just about every other guest towel they have is more expensive. These are blank for embroidery but I still think the tatted edge towels are too cheap if that is real tatting.

Irish tatting? Don't think so.

And hand tatting unique to China? Don't think so here either!

Tatted yoke/collar on a wedding gown? I'm not sure about the sleeve trim. You can't really see it.

The heart on the right actually does have tatting on it but only $2.95.

An artist's statement?

This artist's piece has inspired some ideas in me!

And something else I saw also inspired another pattern....sigh.......


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