Friday, March 24, 2006

I'm still too busy to tat. I hope to get a few more hat linings in tonight. I started threading beads for a bigger hat a few nights ago. I won't have time tonight to do more but Friday night will be free. (started 2 days's Friday now)

Wednesday night Sally & I went to Bette's and worked a teneriffe motif. I finished it up during lunch today. I don't think my knots are right so now I feel driven to make another one so I can do them right. I also screwed up on the interlacing near the end. Bette pointed out where I skipped over a thread pair this morning.

It's that time of year! Tanya sent me this at Christmas .......will I get around to tatting something with it? I'm sure gonna try! And then I'll have to make a basket to go with it...and a bunny....and all those Easterly things. Oh wait! I have a lavander bunny - they will go together perfectly!

When I got home tonight, I had the County Fair booklet in the mail. I have a few things in mind to make to enter. It helps me to see the categories.

Here are the hats I'm making for Hector. I might not need any of them, in which case they will probably go on Ebay - with tatted trims, of course.

And what's this? Well....give me one minute of free time and I start a new I have time to finish it in the next few days.


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