Monday, March 13, 2006

Apparently, I've been busy. I thought I published this last Friday but I see I didn't - so I just added to it!

Japanese tatting. Scroll down and you'll see some of Inga Madsen's animals. All the tatting on this site is beautiful, but since I just tatted some of the animals, I thought the way she has done them all in the same thread quite nice to look at.

One of the doilies here uses a motif that reminds me that I have some from a coworker that I need to fashion into something for her. They are from a deceased aunt - in black.

It's been awhile since I visited many of these Japanese sites. I'm pleased to see there are some key English words so I know where to find the photos. Here are the records of one tatter's exchanges.

Click on the tiny pink box to the left where it says tatting elephant to see this tatter's version of Pam Palmer's elephant. I was just showing a friend last night the elephant I made for my daughter - who is today 2 years older than when I gave it to her. (Friday March 10)


Now, at that same site, scroll down to where it says "shawl" and click on the little box below. Isn't that stunning? She also has some knit and crochet items further down the list.

The only tatting I did this weekend was wire tatting at our lace group. I only did a few tiny blossoms. Several members made quite a few florals and some leaves. A few even got little butterflies done! I think they all enjoyed it very much.


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