Friday, March 17, 2006

I was feeling a tad bit guilty about crocheting a shawl to wear for the Feast of the Hunter's Moon after someone reminded me that crochet was not period correct, so I was rummaging around for a knitted version in the Lionbrand yarn site and Knitty, where I stumbled into these Tit Bits, knitted boobies for those who have had a mascectomy. And here is a nosewarmer with tassels, a steering wheel cover, and several other strange things.

How's come I never see anything like that in tatting? LOL!
Another busy week! I forgot I even started another entry. I have 3 projects going that I've barely been able to touch this week: a knitted shawl, a filet crochet edging, and a tatted bookmark. And Ebay.

LOL! I wanted to acquire some extra size 10 and 11 hooks to use in lace guild and bid on a group that also had some bone handled tools. It arrived today and I was so mad at the mail carrier! He/she stuffed the box into my mailbox - it JUST fit - but I couldn't pull it out. It was caught on the corners. I ended up tearing open the end and inching it out by pulling on the torn spot with one hand and pushing in the corners with the other hand. I'm certain it slid in there a whole lot easier than it came out.

I was really pleased with the contents. I was a little concerned that I had paid too much for them but these in particular are intriguing. The two hooks at the far right are double ended hooks. I've heard of these in much larger sizes for yarn, but not for thread. "Double-Ended - also known as Travel Hooks. One hook size on one end, and one hook size on the other. Saves carrying around too many hooks at once." I found this reference at Karp Styles. It doesn't tell me if they are talking about steel hooks or the bigger ones. This looks like a good question for a very knowledgeable crochet group I belong to.

The 2 hooks in the middle had interesting shafts. One looks like it is part of a set with one of the double ended hooks. I did email the seller to ask if he had any history on this auction item. The hook at the far left - when I made the scan, I was fascinated by the tiny shaft - like steel knitting needles, in 0000 size. After I scanned, I discovered there is an EYE at the other end. I've NEVER seen or heard of a hook like that! Another puzzling question.

As much as I would like to work some lace, I'm not sure I'll get much done tonight. I'm dog tired. My weekend will be spent sewing hats and if I get those done, I'm going furniture shopping. Sent in my taxes this evening!


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