Tuesday, May 03, 2005

A coworker told me last week that she had some crocheted motifs from her aunt's belongings that she would bring in for me to see. She said they were circles...and I offered to put them together for her. Turns out they are tatted! But her aunt didn't tat so she doesn't know who made them.

The thread looks like it is around a size 30 or 40. It's bigger than 70 or 80 but not as big as a 20, but I can only see a tiny section at the joinings. I'm not sure yet how I'll put it together, but it will have to wait until after lace day now.

The May issue of Anna arrived today with the Tatting Course. I tried to make a collage out of the project photos but I don't have a program to do that effectively. The theme is red and white and shows tatted lace on various items, like cloth bags, pieces frames almost like a sampler, cards, and on top of boxes.
Oh....one of the motifs on the boxes is exactly like this little doily I have under my swan penholder. uhhhh....without the error, of course. LOL! This is an early tatting of mine. I don't even remember where the pattern came from. I was thinking the Blomquist book....and there it is! The Flowery Meadow..minus the last round which I didn't finish...ah, it's coming back to me...because I screwed up and didn't know how to fix it at the time. I neglected to finish a clover, it seems. Or maybe I just ran out of thread. LOL! That was kind of dumb. Oh well....

mine from Anna

But you know what?????....this is spooky...there is a doily in this book called Eye of the Sun and it is a fabric center with these circle medallions edging it and the medallions are exactly like those black medallions above! No, that's not true, the black medallions have 14 picots on the outer rings and the one in the book has only 7, but otherwise, they are the same. It's on page 57 and the Flowery Meadow is on page 58.


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