Thursday, May 05, 2005

Cinco de Mayo!

(started Tuesday) I really felt crappy most of the day. Nothing specific - if anything, I was depressed. I left work a little early, intending to come home and take a nap because I felt worn out, on top of depressed. That's really unusual for me but fortunately it never lasts too long when it does occur. I did some things on the computer and checked my snail mail and finally decided to go lay down although it was going on 7:00 p.m. by that time. It really would not have taken much to go to sleep but I kept thinking about how I'd then be up half the night so I got up....and went up the road to a station where I bought a big fountain diet pepsi. That was probably my lowest point, right there. After I got back home, I called my DIL who was trying to arrange something for Mother's Day and we got that taken care of. As I was talking with her, I started sorting through some stuff that has accumulated on the microwave cart that I no longer use for the microwave. After I hung up, I just stuck with it....feeling a sort of accomplishment when I was done.

Then I decided to gather together the things I needed to take with me on Lace Day. That ultimately led to another little sort-through on my sewing table though I still have much to do there. Anyway, I'm feeling back to normal now....far too wide awake for this time of night though so I'm going to have to find something to wind down with. Probably's good at making me drowsy.

(today) It's been a busy week! Yesterday I got a painted feather that I won on Ebay.

That reminds me that I have a painted leaf "in a safe place" that I bought once at a garage sale. It came from someone's travels to India, I believe. I love unusual painted objects.

Today I got these shuttles from another win, along with some tatted bits of lace that I have soaking in some OxiClean right now that I will pin to the board before I go to bed. I have a few of the black shuttles already but the large ivory is a new one to me. The brown one is unusual too, and appears to have some damage, perhaps from heat. Not badly though.

I remembered to take my shuttle display box in today to get the glass front. My son finally drilled the holes needed for the hinges. When I had gone to the glass shop a few weeks ago, I was told they could do it in the same day, so I anticipated that it would be ready for pick-up tomorrow.
Damn Damn

Unfortunately, they are now getting into their busy time and it will be Tuesday before I can pick it up, so I won't be taking my shuttles to Lace Day. But I might take them to Palmettos. I haven't decided yet.

I took the box there during my lunch hour and on the way back to the office, I decided to stop at a little antique/used goods store I had noticed on the corner whenever I happened to be in that area. Once again, I had procrastinated too long. Sort of. It turned out to be the very first day of opening for a different little store. This one has handcrafted items and also cookies and candy. I recognized the woodturning of a fellow in the area but the other names/items didn't ring a bell. At any rate, I bought these two small bags.

The leaf bag was $2.99 and the green heart was $1.99. I love the shape of the heart bag when drawn up. It's the perfect shape for a shuttle! These are hand stitched with beads and sequins. I'm guessing the leaf bag is also stamped or painted because the back side is plain. The inside seams were not zigzagged or finished, which disappointed me because they will ravel and considering all the hand-stitching with the beads, I'm surprised. I will have to be careful what I use them for. They didn't cost that much so I shouldn't complain, but it does seem a shame with the beadwork.

Last year when I went to Palmettos, I stayed at a hotel the night before just a few miles away and I had a little time to kill, which I spent at the library (which I later learned is where Palmettos has their monthly meetings) and I stopped in a Tuesday Morning store. I bought (amongst too many other things) some shower gel, "Lavender & Rosemary Essential Oils" by Adra. I adore the scent of this and have used it sparingly but it's down to the last drop, so I did a google on Adra and found an online order site. They have a handsoap in the same scent but I didn't find the gel in that same scent combination. I have an email to them asking about it though. If nothing else, I can buy the foaming hand soap and shower with it!

My son went mushroom hunting tonight and found quite a few tiny ones. He left me with about 30. These wild morels are only available this time of year and it's really quite a big deal in these parts to hunt for them. They're soaking in salt water tonight and tomorrow I will bread them with flour and fry them in butter and olive oil.

Good Night All!


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