Monday, May 23, 2005

Here's the butterfly - she worked out very nicely, tatted in Olympus thread,M9,#40 - which I believe I purchased at the Zig-Zag Corner in Greenfield. I really don't know what size the thread is. I assume the #40 means size 40 but I think it's bigger than that. I did expect the color variation to show up in smaller blocks, but it turned out very pretty. That's the lure of variegated threads - wondering how they will look worked up.

I was playing around with the "effects" of microsoft photo editor and got this when I tried "negative". I really like those glowing colors!

I have a lot to finish up in the next few days so I probably won't be posting much.

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  1. Gina, WOW! I could learn a lot from you about what you do on your web site. I did get all the handouts but the butterfly. I now have an image of it & will be able to do it. Anna likes pink, I found 3 shades of rich ppink - very old 6 cord coats & hope to do the cord & medallions for Christmas. I will let you know when I get the saga of our return trip which lasted until almost 4pm Tuesday. Thank you for remembering me. mary


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