Friday, May 13, 2005

The only tatting I'm doing is my 2nd project for Palmettos and I haven't had time to do much of that. Tonight I plan to tat the majority of the evening. It's cold and rainy out so I won't be doing anything outside or up at the school walking.

hmmm....I did pull a bunch of winter things out of my closet this morning with the idea that I'd put them in storage tonight. So ...I might not tat ALL evening.


Well....I've slept since then. LOL! I did tat - waited until today to put the winter things away and I still have bunches in my drawers to get out. I really made progress on the cord between last night and today. I should finish up tomorrow night and then start on my samples which will be much shorter. I found a couple of things to enter into the competition -well, one is for the competition, the other is a vintage piece for showing. I have lots of motifs but the requirement is for a pair and I haven't done 2 of anything - not the same way. I do have a fan I didn't enter last year, but while it's pretty to look at, the tatting is not very good. It was my first attempt with rayon floss AND it was a new pattern, in Spanish. Took me awhile to figure it out.

I picked up my shuttle display case yesterday. It's very nice now, with heavy polished glass and a lock. It's full and I don't even have all my shuttles in there. It holds 50. I've doubled up in some of the spaces so there are 60 in there. I just counted another 46 that are NOT in there and that doesn't include any of my colored Clover shuttles which are my utility shuttles. Seems like I had 40 or 50 of them at one time, but I sure don't know where they are now! I can only account for about 20 off hand. I tend to give those away too though. I had a bunch emptied for Hector, but there are only about 6 or 7 that are empty now. This cord I'm teaching sure ties up the shuttles, because this one uses 4 shuttles and I have another one that I've been working on since Christmas, but I think I'm almost out of thread on that one. Wish I could come up with something real fast to use it like a Battenburg tape, like Georgia & I had talked about once, but I don't think I'll have time to pursue it right now. I'll be glad to have the cord done....after 36" of it, I'm pretty bored. I need another 6" or so to fit comfortably around the neck. I'm using a smaller thread than I did with the original so it's taking a little longer to get the same length.

Tomorrow I'm going on an organized walking meditation. The forecast says rain, but I hope it waits until I'm done.
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