Sunday, May 15, 2005

My shuttle arrived yesterday. I couldn't remember a few weeks ago what I had ordered but I found the email yesterday. A design of Ben Fikkert's, I believe. Since it's not on the Shuttle Shop page, I couldn't figure out where the offer came from but then I found the original email and saw it was associated with Ben Fikkert's group, so I think it was an offer to group members.

hmmmm....I wonder if they could put the colored goddess logo on a shuttle? Bet it would cost a mint though. I remember seeing one they had for a tatting group in the South that had a crinoline lady etched/stamped on it. You had to be a member of the group to get that shuttle or go through them. I would love one but never got around to contacting them.

I got the cord done last night and today I'm working on the heart that will be the motif part of the necklace. I'll also make the original Home Needlework butterfly. I had an email earlier this week saying if handouts hadn't already been turned in, that meant they were late. LOL! I don't remember ever seeing a deadline, but I've never sent any in that I know of. I'll just have to do them on my own. I don't have them put together yet anyway.

Yesterday I went on a walking meditation near Delphi at a trail along the old canal. It was lovely. We were originally scheduled for 10:00 a.m. but it was still raining when I got there so we postponed it until 1:00 p.m. and it was dry and sunny by then. I met some interesting new people and found some old friends were there too! I had my tatting with me in case I needed to wait anywhere but the one time I took it out of my pocket the conversation got involved and I put it back in rather than make a mistake - which is far too easy to do with 4 shuttles. Friday night found me doing a lot of retro-tatting until I got smart and went to bed.

It's not very warm so far today. The furnace kicked on a few times. I need to mow but it's too cold. LOL! But it's still morning and might get nice and toasty by afternoon, so I'll get busy and finish my chores inside, just in case....


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