Sunday, May 08, 2005

Lace Day - Now History

A few pics from Lace Day: Unknown lady & Helen Raub working on some bobbin lace; Kaye Judt vendng the Zig-Zag Corner...and tatting, of course; Laura B & Carol A shopping; Carol Aebi, vendor

BTW, I got to see Carol's red dragon and her celtic doilies up close and personal!

Lace Jeopardy was great fun. I'm gonna have to think up harder questions for these gals!

I bought several balls of size 50 Flora thread that I'm told is now discontinued. I just wanted some size 50 thread that really was size 50. Altin Basak is more like 20/30. I also got a shuttle. I ever leave these things without a shuttle and thread? I was hooked by the little tool with it.


I had breakfast with all of my sons and my DIL, grandson, and her mother. Later in the afternoon, my daughter and granddaughter came out with a lovely outside side garden fairy globe/light and a candle lantern. There's still some daylight left so I should go out and mow. Yes, I LIKE to mow.

Here are the bits and pieces I received with some ebay shuttles last week after soaking and blocking. Nice trim for some quilt blocks I think.

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  1. aklima9:58 PM

    hi my name is Aklima. i am 16 year old. i would love to hear from you soon. can you please tell me how did u do this. i mean can you give me the pattern? please? i will thank you so much. because my little cousin she really love this and i want to make this for her during our holiday. so would please tell me how did u do this? thank you


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