Sunday, May 14, 2006

Here's the GinaB card I bought in Corning, NY after leaving Hector. It had all the elements I liked - flowers and dragonflies and done in watercolor so it could have been done by me...but it wasn't. You should check out Gina B Designs. I don't know her but she's gotta be good!

I decided to tat my daughter and daughter-in-law some motifs and frame them for Mother's Day.

Last night.

The peachie colored one was the first attempt - in a size 20 Manuela, I only got to the second round when I realized it was going to be too big for the frame. I think the color is all wrong now too for what I had in mind. I could have framed it this size but I wanted the 3rd row on there.

So here they are tatted, blocked and framed. I realized the silver frame had some chips out of it after I scanned it so I put it in a slightly different silver frame.

The gold one worked out perfectly. Both threads are King Tut quilting threads. It works up well although it will break if you are a tight tatter and pull too hard. I don't generally have too tight stitches. I have to give a little extra tug now and then but it's usually not a problem.

Yesterday was part one of the Romanian Point Lace program with my lace guild. I think everyone had a fair idea of how to do the cord by the time we left.


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