Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I really like this motif. I tatted it in a tiny thread and framed it last year. I thought it might be nice for the curtain. This is size 60 Coates. Still not blocked. I was going to go to bed early last night but I was soooooooo close to finishing I did. I did a better job on this one. In the last one, it looks like my chains are turned.

Since I started this entry, I've made the purple medallion too.

This is how it looks on the fabric. The space behind it will be cut out so it's still kind of hard for me to visualize. I'm going to try a round motif too, and also the purple color. Maybe I should actually sew a sample in to see how it will look?

Conductive steel thread Make your own wearable LED display clothing! LOL! I looked at the thread, wondering about tatting with it, but it requires lots of other stuff, like a battery, to light up. Ingriguing idea however....tatted Christmas ornaments that light up, for instance.

Square watermelon? This photo is from Purdue too! I'll have to pop over to the Hort department and see if they have any samples around. Apparently this is a specialty in Japan.

On Tuesday evenings after work, I've been meeting with some other ladies informally as a way to mentor tatting skills. One of the ladies got a book on needle tatting since last week and used it and the shuttle both to practice with. My guess is that she is hooked now. When you're that determined to "get it", then there's no stopping after that.

There are so many new tatting books out! Check Georgia's site for some book reviews but there are more that aren't on there yet. There are new books from Toni Storer and Judith Connors (Australia) and one from Martha Ess.

At The Calico Cat, there are some free instructions for tatted trim on a hanky baby bonnet or ring bearer pillow. I see a new name there too, with a few patterns, by Ramona Sturtevant.

I also found another craft blog, , Miss Alice Faye which features some tatting in the archives, but the knitted shawl in recent entries is beautiful!

Now here is some tatting with a strong GREEN presence. Nice work but I'm not fond of the color.

Elegant egg titled "Heidi's tatting". I'd say this was inspired by someone's tatting!

Another instructional video? Looks like this tatter has made one too.

I decided to buy these. I can't imagine these being sold for so little. I suspect the thread is a cheap cotton but we'll see.

Nefertatti Need I say more?

Looks like this was done in sewing thread! Notice how she attached tatting to placecards. Looks like a scrapbooking idea to me.

Guess who's come to visit?

This is Jazz, our secretary's cat. She brought him with her from Russia, so now I have an house. You thought I was gonna say something risque there, didn't you? I'm keeping him while she & her family visit the Smokies over the holiday weekend. My cats are outside for the summer so there's not a big conflict going on, although Jazz has been peeking out over the window of the storm door at my cat who is VERY curious about who this is in the house.

Okay, if I get up RIGHT NOW, I will almost make it to bed at a decent hour!

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  1. Thanks for your kind words about my shawl! :) I'm just beginning to explore the world of tatting and your blog is very insipiring. Reading through your archives, I've already added five or six books to my wish list. :)


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