Wednesday, May 10, 2006

My yahoo group is in the middle of a tin exchange. My partner sent me this very cool bag packed full! I forgot to ask Heidi if she made the bag. I've barely been home with enough time to explore it thoroughly and it arrived on Monday. I noticed today that the inside of the bag is green just like the outside in pattern so I wondered if it was a reversible fabric or lined. I'll have to look at that closer tonight.

I had hoped to get a brighter photo but my camera was acting up again. I got more than the ONE required tin! I haven't opened any of them yet, but the Altoids has citrus sours in it, the larger rectangular one has pins inside (I've been eyeing those tins at Hobby Lobby for months!) and the little Love one has mints inside. I didn't read the racecar label to see what was inside. The little racecar reflects one of Heidi's interests! I also got some blue shimmery Sulky thread and blue beads. I'll have to try some of Nina Libin's Beanile patterns with that. Also have a slide-out credit card sized magnifier which will come in handy. And the sweets! You can see the Werther's Originals. You can't really see the big bag of Ghirardelli Caramel filled chocolate squares! It's not a big box like the link but it's definitely a nice sized bag of chocolate! Yummmmmm!

We also tatted a floral motif since it's Spring to add to the booty. I've been debating what to put this little floral sprig on. I have a denim shirt I've been meaning to trim in tattings. This might be a nice touch!

Many many Thanks to Heidi Holland! I'll post what I sent her when she receives it.


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