Friday, May 05, 2006

The other doily. This is another Altin Basak thread, size 50, color 3006. Both ladies loved them. I know both want to learn and I've got one who will come next Tuesday evening to meet with the other newbies and get started.

Again, I used two shuttles and climbed out of each ring with mock picots and split rings. It tats up fairly quickly. I started this one, including winding the boggins, during a lunch hour and got to the last ring on the next to last row, which was a split ring. I left it for the evening and finished that last row then.

I got the latest Anna magazine today. If you didn't order it, you might still be able to get one. They've made extensive use of fabric centers with eyelet edgings. I like the white one on the left in this grouping.

These blue ones are lovely too. There was one I didn't scan that used a lot of block tatting.

I loved this one the most. There is a unique treatment of the last row of chains that gives the sloping effect.

And guess what next month's course is? Macrame Crochet Lace also known as Romanian Point Lace! I'm not particularly interested in this one but the blurb mentions two smaller ones so I can't wait to see those!


  1. Anonymous2:09 PM

    I wish I tatted 1/2 as fast as you do. A simple bookmark can take me at least 1-2 hours and you make doily's on your lunch. I enjoy reading your blog and seeing your newest creations (even the ones you say have mistakes are beautiful)

  2. Oh, well thank you! It takes me at least 1-2 hours for a bookmark too. And I didn't finish this doily during my lunch hour - I tatted the last round at home so it took over an hour for three rounds.'s a quick tat but that's largely because of the simplicity of the pattern.

  3. Thanks Gina. Anna is a great magazine. And those imagines are great.

  4. I love those patterns of the Anna Magazine. Thanks dear Gina.


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