Thursday, August 31, 2006

Another 30 Day Program

I start another 30 day program September 1 - this one is based on a favorite motivational speaker. There are over 60 of us participating and part of the draw on this is the communal energy. I know group energy works tremendously well. I have another list on an entirely different subject from tatting. We've been meeting on Friday nights for the last 3 months to do online meditations. In that group, we are focused on developing our inner senses. Developing the inner senses helps me become more aware of my creative potential, among other things. The process I'm starting tomorrow will help me follow through with those creative ideas.

TAT update - I started the first edging but made my picots too large. Most are joined, but not all. It's hard to keep track of which are the joining picots and the directions do not mention a preferred size or even that there are decorative and joining picots both - it's not the object of that project, so I've decided to make them all on the small side. The second attempt is looking better.

I taught another tatter! Yay! Yesterday I met up with a woman who works in my son-in-law's department. He had let me know she was interested in tatting. She said she had needled tatted some and she also does micro-macrame. I saw her work yesterday - lovely! We met for lunch and after eating, I pulled out my red and blue cords and we did a little finger tatting with them. BINGO! The only thing she had not been able to understand from the books was the flip, like most of us, and once she saw that - she was ready to take off on her own. She's planning on joining my lace guild too so I was glad I had taken the time to get in touch with her and then meet.

I was at my daughter's until after 9 last night so I didn't get any tatting done. I've been digging here and there to get stuff for display at Global Fest on Saturday. Today I discovered my butterfly necklace in another container....I've really got to get more organized here. I have shuttles all over the place.

I printed out the pattern from Annie's Attic today - I already have yarn that will go perfectly in my living room (if I can find it) and my new sofa needs an afghan in the worst way. ....oh....errr......after I get T.A.T. done, of course...and my son's quilt.


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