Friday, August 18, 2006

There's a 25 Motif Challenge going on. Check the guidelines here! One fun thing about the challenge is that participants must create a blog to show their work on so watch for even more tatting blogs to show up. I love it! Just in time too, because I'm going to be overly busy for a few weeks now and won't have much time to tat, let alone post in here.

I'm challenged to return to the T.A.T. project myself so I'm not taking on anything new for now. Then I am finishing my son's quilt. Plus working on several things in relation to my lace guild. Our Lace Day is April 14, 2007. Theme: Lacers Unmasked

Bette and I have been having way too much fun finding lace masks and just plain masks on the web. I don't think I'll be able to just make ONE!

I finished knitting the froggie socks and cap. I believe I'll give these to my great-grandson, although the cap looks really small. I still have to put the eyes and mouth on.

The fairy baby arrived! She is a girl so now I get to tat something frilly for her! Doesn't she have the most beautiful head of hair?


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