Thursday, August 03, 2006

I got the picot project done in TAT. I can't show you the instructions but you can see the finished work. Now I'm ready to do Jane's celtic motif. I can see a challenge there....not the celtic part though. It's the part where you make a join and don't show or minimize the color change.

Tonight I'm knitting again, working on the froggie cap and socks. Same designer but different techniques so I'm challenged again! I'm learning lots about purling this time.

When I was shopping the other night, I found lots more clearance bargains - this time in Hobby Lobby. BTW, HL had those Linea kits on clearance for $4-$6 and they only had a few left. They are completely gone at Michael's. Back to new bargains....I got 2 of the knifty knitter looms, except it was a different company (Attic), a package of 2, for $4.24 instead of the listed $25. Even the 3 pack by KK is almost $12. I also got this fun fur on clearance. I've been looking at those miniature crocheted bears. I found a pattern online by Edith Molina, which I'm currently crocheting in size 10 Cebelia. Gotta find some way to use up that "rope" from the TAT program! Once I've made it, if I'm happy with it, I'll try using this fun fur. I also have a bunny pattern from somewhere....not sure it's on the printout and I don't have it with me at the moment.

So....what's that? Three projects? And 2 potentials? .....and there's that gold RPL angel in process of being couched down............sigh.......


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