Sunday, July 30, 2006

I got 'er done! Washed and dried too - in fact, they are wrapped and ready to slip on the expectant mother's desk sometime this week. My first thought was they were a bit big....but they aren't for a newborn. Preemie was the first size and then small and large. I made the small because I figured it won't be cold enough to wear them until November or December and it will be a few months old by then. I'm anxious to start the frog one now!

I've been wondering when the next issue of Tatting Times would be out and whaddaya know? It came Saturday! There are some summer beaded earrings, a split ring bookmark, a round motif by Mary Maynard, a funky wild-haired lady bookmark, and Bev Dillon's split ring lucky penny pattern. Karey also enclosed a skein of DMC craft thread to inspire us. It's too big for me to feel comfortable tatting with but I'll find a good home for it.

While I was in Michael's at the weekend, I found these Linea kits on clearance for $1 and $2 each! Originally up to $14.99. The thread that is used for the thread stenciling technique was only $.50 for the package. I couldn't resist! The kits were door hangers ( little fabric bags ), a drawstring bag, scarves, and some other kinds of bags. At that price, I got more than a few and when we meet up at my sister's next winter, it will be a fun project. I'm also considering how I can add tatting to them, of course. The pattern is already on the fabric so I may have to use the thread to embroider it anyway, but in some cases, I may be able to applique a tatted motif.

I started working on my TAT phase 2 project tonight. Messed up immediately which tells me not to start something so late at night. The first project involves all the different kinds of picots. I was doing fine until the 3rd one when I realized I wasn't following directions. There are points for following directions! I was making the chain part too long, matching the ring in pattern when that wasn't the pattern. It was easy enough to pick out but I'm glad I hadn't done the whole 30+ motifs yet.

Well, off to bed.


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