Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I've been busy lately. Did I mention my sofa arrived on Saturday? I still have a big mess everywhere. Last night I mowed when I got home and then started couching down the gold lame cord RPL angel. It was already getting late so I didn't do too much of that. This evening I got home and decided to try a nap on that brand-spanking-new couch. It works. LOL! When I woke up, I remembered I had meant to get some scrapbook paper to back one of the projects for my fair entry so I went into town and found some light green vellum AND some white patterned sparkly vellum. I love the effect of layering the two. Since I've been home, that's what I've been working on - layering the paper and arranging the tatting on it.

This wasn't what I was originally going to do. I pre-registered and you have to list what the items are. Everything was something I already had but I also wanted another item so I wrote down "tatted sampler", thinking I would take several pieces and put them in one frame. I was thinking of pieces I had started tatting to hang in my living room. The problem was that I only had 3 pieces in that thread and nothing else I've made worked well with them. As I was going through my little sample books, I noticed I had a lot of Christmas pieces so I started pulling them out and playing with them. I had a couple of different frames and settled on this one. Since last night, I've removed some pieces and added others to come up with this arrangement. I had to do something that will make everyone cringe, I know. The pieces were sliding....I made one attempt to sew a piece on and abandoned that idea quickly. I tried some, tacky! So I did the unthinkable....glue....yep, school gel washable glue. I don't think it washes out once it dries but I really don't plan to remove these pieces anyway. After I thought about it....this can be a permanent display. Much better than sticking them in a little photo album and never knowing where they are...and they fall out and get lost.

When I do get around to making the sampler that will hang in my living room, I can hang this one in its place during the holiday season.

I take my entries in tomorrow evening or Thursday morning. I can't wait to see what everyone else enters. It's so much fun to see what others dream up. I know Bette is entering a bobbinlace motif and it will be beautiful. Everything she makes is perfect.

I'm thinking when I get my shawl back that I might add a row or two of knotting on the fringe. It's an idea anyway.

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  1. I love the sampler idea, especially for Christmas. I may just have to "steal" the idea and make one or three of my own.
    Sharon Briggs


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