Thursday, July 27, 2006

One of my tatting friends emailed me a few months ago with the link to an ebay item - lampworked teapot beads. I think it was Sue. I was going to bid and then I saw the seller had more in her store so I decided instead to put it on my wish list for my kids since my birthday was coming up. And then I forgot about them! My youngest son, Jesse, didn't. He contacted the seller and ended up buying 2 of case I want to make earrings out of them...or something...he said. LOL! I'm not sure what I will do with them. I was thinking of a scissors fob for the scissors in my kitchen. I could still do that and have a necklace too! Oh wow - here are all kinds of teapot beads!

Boy, I've been artsy craftsy this year. Teneriffe, bobbin lace, Romanian Point Lace, crocheting and now....knitting! I still have the hat to do but aren't these duck feet socks adorable? And what a challenge. It's been awhile....a long while, since I've knitted anything that wasn't straightforward. I was working with 4 needles, turning heels, doing increases and decreases and picking up stitches and doing fancy "new Improved" SSKs. LOL! The first one took me, oh.....4 or 5 days. The second one took 2 evenings! This one is a gift for our secretary. heheheheh....I've been leaving small gifts on her desk anonymously. Everyone thinks it's me even though I'm loudly denying it! That's okay even if they think it's me, they aren't sure until I confess and I'm having fun. I hope to have the hat and socks both done for a Monday morning surprise. I plan to make another set for my great grandson too. There is one larger size - he's only 3 months old right now but I think these would barely fit him so it's definitely going to take a bigger size for him. I've tried 3 times to upload his picture and blogger won't take it so I guess it will be the next entry.


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